TF’s Don’t Doubt Love is Bringing You Back Together!

Twin flame love is indestructible and this love is growing stronger and stronger. Surrender to the knowledge that this love is in control and there is nothing to worry about. Things are aligning so let the universe surprise you with the when and how like wrapped present that you don’t know what is inside. This was a truly magical reading to do. It’s also very long so if you need to watch in parts, timestamps are below (love the message that came out at 1:11:11)

Beginning is twin flame union energy.
18:48 What the DF and DM are focusing on
25:41 DF Healing
32:52 DM Healing
46:00 DF in Karmic Relationships
54:00 DM in Karmic Relationships
1:05:00 The next couple of weeks
1:11:11 The future for TF’s
1:15:15 The Journey of Love card

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