“The Inevitable”

Like a stone skipping across a pond,

my love for you is a ripple in time that spreads across worlds.

It is there, awake and alive in every plane of existence. 

Feel it and you shall find your way back to me. 

Here and now the dimensions are aligning. 

The ripple is becoming a tidal wave. 

Silently, subtly merging into an unheard and unseen crescendo.

Removing all that stands in front of the flame of my love.

Time will collapse and with it our failures. 

Pain of separation shall exist never more. 

I alone know your heart for I am your heart. 

I am the beating in your chest, that constant testament to love. 

Though I long to hold you in my arms once again. 

I wait patiently for the inevitable.

The secret bliss felt in our one heart my solace for now.

The flame has been lite and it will burn bright forever.

Truly this is an eternal love and I love you beyond time.

Happy Valentine’s Day ?

Written by Marla Kelly 2/14/19
All rights reserved. 

Artwork “The Otherside” by Dean Cornwell 1918

5 Comments on ““The Inevitable””

  1. That was absolutely beautiful! Twin Flame love has inspired a poetress who creates above time and space to truth and eternal love, the kind that Earth has rarely known. Thank you, Marla!

  2. This is very beautiful and hopeful. Thank you for your inspiration. It helps me to believe and keep my heart open.

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