The Masculine and Feminine Energy at the Capricorn Full Moon

If you have been watching my readings for twin flames, you know I have stopped using the terms “feminine” and “masculine”. Mostly I did this because I had several people come to me questioning whether they carried the masculine or feminine energy. It can be confusing because this is not related to gender. Male twins can be carrying the female energy and females, the male energy. We all carry BOTH energies. I hope I can clarify this a little more.
The Capricorn Full Moon on July 19, is showing us what is happening with the creative energies right now. The sign of Cancer is ruled by the Moon. The Moon and Cancer, represents our subconscious, our deep knowing of truths and the seat of the soul. This is the feminine energy. Using intuition, being receptive, being changeable, going with the flow, the home and that which is hidden.

The sign of Capricorn is the opposite of Cancer. This is authority, power, our legacy, our souls purpose that we are here to share with the World. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. Saturn and Capricorn, is the ability to create in the material world, to manifest our souls purpose and build a lasting legacy. For this we need the masculine energy of actively creating, pushing our will forward into the world, confidence and self discipline.
Cancer and Capricorn are the male and female working together. If we don’t have the inner knowing, we won’t have the confidence to take action and push ourselves into the world. If we have the knowing but lack the self discipline, we are likely to take no action, build nothing, but stay in our own little cocoon.

At the Capricorn Full Moon, the Moon (feminine) will be in Capricorn and the Sun (masculine) will be in Cancer. This is a reversal of the energies and this is what is happening right now with twin flames. What is known as the feminine energy, which is often the female but not always, which is represented by the Moon, will be in the masculine dominated house of Capricorn. The twins who resonate with the feminine, are being asked to tap into their masculine energy. To begin to take action in the material world and actively build the foundation of your union. Many that carry the feminine energy, if they think about it, will realize they are now actually in the typically male role of making themselves more public.

The Sun, which represents the male energy, is in the sign of Cancer at the Full Moon. The twins that are representing the masculine energy, usually males but not alway, are in the feminine dominated house. The masculine energy is being asked to submit to their feminine side. They are using their intuition, getting in tune with their soul, developing their own “knowing”. They are not taking an active role right now. They are in the hidden part of their chart, going within, going with the flow, not being public. Allow them this time.

The roles are currently reversed in order to bring balance and healing. They have been in the process of reversing since around the time of Mars Retrograde. This is why many are feeling the confusing. For many years, the masculine has been focusing on their Capricorn house and legacy. They were grounding the twin flame energy into the 3d. While those that resonated with the feminine energy were free to look within, to develop their intuition and psychic ability. The feminine was grounding the energy in the 5d. That mission is complete and now the reverse must happen. For every action, there is a reaction, a balancing.
It has been explained to me by my guides, that it’s not correct to think the feminine twin is all the feminine energy and the masculine twin has all the masculine energy and when you come into union, you blend those to a whole. Instead, see it has the feminine person comes to a balance of 50% of the feminine energy and 50% of the masculine energy, as the masculine person also balances at 50% masculine and 50% feminine. When they come into union this creates 100% of each together, both sharing the energy equally. The feminine energy is still at essence representing the divine feminine and the masculine energy is still considered the divine masculine but each must carry and use both energies. You may feel confused at times because this was out of balance and now is being corrected. In this way, both twins carry the knowing and both twins have the ability to create and manifest their dreams.
Marla x
July 14, 2016

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