The Phoenix Rises

This is a message for those twins that resonate with surrender being the central focus of their current path.
This is a big week astrologically. Today Venus conjuncts the North Node on the 23 degree of Leo and they sextile Jupiter and both inconjunct Chiron. This is called a yod or finger of god aspect. This is energy meant to shift you more deeply into your life path.

All of them are on significant Sabian symbols:
Venus/North Node: “Totally concentrated upon inner spiritual attainment, a man is sitting in a state of neglect of his body.”
Jupiter: “The sight of an autumn leaf brings to a pilgrim the sudden revelation of the mystery of life and death.”
Chiron: “A harvest moon illuminates the sky.”
South Node: “A man turning his back on his passions teaches deep wisdom from his experience.”

Chiron, the key holder to all your multi-dimensional aspects is sitting on a harvest moon. He will still be on this degree for the New Moon in Virgo (September 20) and the Fall Equinox (September 22). It’s time to reap what you have sown. Much of this has to do with integration of soul fragments on other timelines. For many on the path, this is going to come in the form of deeper spiritual attainment and knowledge.

We are at a crossroads in our evolution and the integration of the energy being grounded over the last several months. Venus and the North Node (life path) are on the Sabian of spiritual attainment and neglecting the physical world in order to stay dedicated to the path of enlightenment while the South Node (alternate timelines and our abilities from those timelines) sees a man forsaking the material world to share his knowledge. Both Sabians refer to letting go of the material plane and surrendering to higher-self and life purpose. The South Node begs the question, are you able to surrender your passion and desire for your twin if it means furthering your divine purpose and ascension? You are integrating these other aspects because that wisdom is needed to continue towards your destiny. Jupiter, as well, wants to bring spiritual wisdom through the mysteries of life and death. That Sabian mentions an autumn leaf. For those preparing to enter fall, the leaf represents letting go. Everything here is a cycle. You die only to be reborn.

The universe is offering deep spiritual cleansing and healing for those ready to accept it. Accepting it means being ready to move forward without any attachments. Venus and Jupiter push you to open your heart whatever will come. The integration of soul fragments through love (Venus) and faith (Jupiter) heals the past and the past life woundings that have kept you a prisoner. Though you are likely getting pushed to shed the old right now, as always it is part of your free will. Will you choose to receive your harvest in gratitude or will you choose safety and security by staying where you are comfortable (South Node)? If you choose to stay where you are now, opportunities will appear in the future.

No matter what you have suffered, you can set it down now and the divine mother will take it for you. Look back at where you have come from. It was not so long ago that total surrender seemed an impossibility but now it seems as there is no other way. In your heart you know that abundance (Jupiter and Venus) is there for you once you agree to forsake it all.

Part of the soul integration meant facing your own inner darkness, or demons, and this is what brought up purging for almost everyone at some point since July. The Moon in Cancer opposes Pluto tonight illuminating the inner shadow and how you have programed your emotional body to react when triggered. The Moon then goes on to form another yod with Saturn and South Node. Even though you have suffered in the past, be it this life or in other timelines, see the purpose behind it. The past was necessary for your wisdom and to help you now as it is through the overcoming of the past that you heal it for all. Don’t let the past prevent you from reaching your future.

A month or two ago I wrote an Asteroid Oracle about the phoenix rising from the ashes. Today I was shown that this is the energy that is culminating over the next few weeks. The phoenix flies but only when it surrenders to it’s total destruction through fire. Do you have faith that you will not be annihilated in the flames? You do not need to suffer in the fire any longer if you are willing to let go if any attachments. Birds cannot fly when they are chained.

Channeled by Marla Kelly September 14, 2017

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