The Way To New Earth Is Through Unconditional Love

Ultimately, love is either conditional or unconditional. It takes a strong, purified soul to love unconditionally, without attachment to the other person reciprocating. This is the deep love of the mother and father emanating from within us.

As Pluto and Saturn approach the South Node, those places where you give your power away through expectations of another are going to be brought up. Places where the others lack of reciprocation makes you feel small, unworthy, ugly, less than, for you need to see the illusion of that. We are releasing the fear of vulnerability in all facets of our lives.

Patriarchal control as told us that being vulnerable is bad. We’ve been programmed not to let our love for another show if it’s not reciprocated so we have buried our love out of fear of rejection. Every time love comes up we’ve developed the desire to weigh the risks and advantages of opening our heart. Unfortunately, too often we decide that to love another is too risky to our sensitive egos.

Through the release of past life fears we are ready to tear down our walls to love for we can’t ascend carrying this heavy weight. Many want new beginnings but the way into the new beginning is by collapsing old timelines. To do that means forgiving and moving into love without limitation. Many are hesitating right now as they struggle between the egos fear of exposing vulnerability and the leap into unconditional love. Do not be afraid to make the leap because this is what will get you onto the new timelines.

This is not to be confused with lack of boundaries and sacrifice of the self. For true unconditional love extends to the self, honoring the self and using discernment for what is your energy to carry and heal and what is another’s. If someone is in pain and lashing out at you, you can love the soul in that person while extracting yourself from needing to participate with their ego.

For twin flames, you must release the “buts” now… “but” he/she isn’t doing this or that. He/she isn’t saving me. He/she doesn’t reciprocate this love. Does love stop because it is unreciprocated? When your child has a tantrum and says they hate you do you stop loving them? True love doesn’t care whether it is returned or not. Nor is true love dependent upon your twin flame or soul mate fulfilling your expectations of a mutual relationship.

As long as we make it about a relationship we cloud the energy and put up blocks. Your twin is you. Instead of seeing them as a relationship only, change your perspective to see them as an en extension of you. They are actually a beacon to show you that everyone is an extension of you. I am you and you are me and what I with hold from you I withhold from myself. When we withhold love for another because we feel they don’t return our love, we hold love back from ourselves and we live under the illusion of projections.

Unconditional love is the love of Christ consciousness. Love in its purest form has no limit. It is not the love of fairy tales, for fairy tale love is always codependent. There is no stopping point because someone is not meeting your expectation. The notion that love is finite and must be based on reciprocity is what has been creating the separation of twin flames and all humanity for too long. We will continue to be triggered and remain in separation until we break the chains that keep us in the mind and not the heart for the time is now to return of oneness, unity and pure love. The time is now to ascend to New Earth.

Written by Marla Kelly @ Twinstrology
December 23, 2018

Artwork “Heart On Fire” by Daniel Holeman

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  1. Thank you dearest Marla, I needed that. Naturally your message came right on time. Take care, you are not alone. Lots of love in these indescibable (and sometimes so difficult) times.

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