Transcript of the Channeled Message from the Founding Fathers on Party Polarity and the Future Rise of a Third Party

One Nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

But we have been divided.  We know through the Civil War that a house divided cannot stand against itself.  We thought we had preserved Union but we have not.  We are divided.

Not due to slavery, we are divided by our own minds, by our own beliefs and by our own levels of intolerance. We are divided through a two party system and it’s not because one party is right and one party is wrong.  It is because people become so anchored to philosophies and ideologies that it becomes all or nothing and one cannot see the positives on one side and the positives on the other side.  They become so attached to their belief that they are threatened by anything outside of their political title.  

Truly, this Country would benefit from a more balanced view for as long as there is polarity, nothing much can be achieved.  For two parties are just always at odds with each other. There needs to come a time when hands reach across the table.  This will come about through the opposition to both parties by a third party for it is the only way to break men out of their rhetoric and through the third party, new ground will be built, expanding on what is positive in both [parties].  Because without the influence of a third party, the hardcore line can never be broken.  All will just remain as the status quo.  

It is the breaking of the party line by the third force that we will be able to achieve a true sense of union.  A true sense of indivisibility in the United States.  Division would never come from outside but would always be seen internally.  Americans step outside the party rhetoric and educate yourselves on those basic tenants that those parties were founded on and that is where you will once again be able to see truth.  Stop aligning with the rhetoric that serves no purpose but division.  

By this we do not mean there will only be one form of dialog.  Dialog between parties is healthy and it keeps us in the state of evolution that is good and necessary for the advancement of humankind.  What we mean to say, is to educate yourselves on the true tenants of the parties so that you remove the blindfold that has been put around your eyes due to rhetoric that has meant to keep you polarized and therefore enslaved and use those core tenants has a springboard to right and true government that acts on behalf of all its citizens.  

Currently, there is no proper dialog and it is only through the opposition of the third party that true and honest communication with a hand towards betterment, philosophical advancement and benefit will open, rather than simply arguing.  

Your hearts and therefore your minds are closed to seeing the other persons side, to seeing the good in each other.  To seeing the patriotism that each other truly wants to express on some level.  For to advance, to stand strong, means to be able to look with open eyes and open hearts and open minds at every single possibility.  And from that truth, choosing a righteous course for this Nation that breaks through party barriers and comes straight from the heart, that each citizen may feel seen, honored and in their rightful place of this great Nation.  

And so it is.  

The Sons and Daughters of Liberty channeled thru Marla Kelly in October 2019.  All rights reserved. Please share in its entirety.

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