Transmission from John Lennon

“You know that Yoko and I are twin flames. We (John and Yoko) have set up templates within the earth grid for the current changes being created by twin flames. We are helping you. We traveled all around the world anchoring energy for twins to bring in peace.

I knew this change wouldn’t happen in my lifetime and that I would need to separate from Yoko by transitioning. We carried the codes of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene. I knew I would have to leave Yoko to continue our work here quietly but I have always been connected to and thru her. Energetically, we still work together.

The time is coming when many more twin s will pick up the mantel of peace and you are one of them. You and others have been anchoring peace codes. We have to turn away from the old ways now. Everything is aligned for that except programming about war people are still carrying. It is time to turn away from violence and choose love. Never let our focus be taken off love. The world will be saved through your [the collective]efforts.

When Yoko and I came together, we had a hell of a time. People mocked us so much. My poor darling was so brave to continue to stand up for her truth in the face of judgment and all the bull shit from the media. They were getting others to turn away from us, our fans and friends. We knew what we had to do and never wavered.

Please, tell twins not to waver now. All are depending on you! There are those that will speak against you. They will try and paint you as villains but take none of it. Know who you are and look to our example. Peaceful yet strong, open yet having boundaries, loving and truthful. Connect to the earth grid and our energy there.

It’s all a sham, man. Don’t fall for the lies. You are so m much more powerful than you realize. It’s time to bring these systems down and it’s only going to happen with love.

There are so many songs that we wrote for this time. We would like people to go back and listen to our music again. There are a lot of songs that aren’t well known, too, that were written for twin flames and others that will help them open their hearts and align with love. There are key codes in our lyrics for all of you who would choose to listen in love and not judgment.”

End of transmission.

One of John’s songs

I channeled this message from John on March 27, 2022. I felt guided to look up John and Yoko’s Bed-In for Peace and realized it was 53 years to the day of that message (It lasted from Match 25-31st). I was considering when to post it and definitely got the message, today (April 1st) which is also the Aries New Moon. I ran his astrology chart only to the see that the New Moon is exactly on his South Node.

It’s time to make choices of higher consciousness and love. The only way to create peace is through peace. In mankind’s history, war has never created a lasting peace.

There are several grid points John has given to connect to the energy he speaks of:

Strawberry Fields in Central Park, the Dakota in NYC, Many places in Liverpool, England and his childhood home in Woolton (ironically, 251 Menlove Ave), Abbey Road Studio’s in London, Amsterdam Hilton in Amsterdam NE, Hotel Fairmont Queen Elizabeth, Montreal Cananda and the Beatles Ashram in Rishikesh, India.

Channeled by Marla Kelly

5 Comments on “Transmission from John Lennon”

  1. Oh wow! I felt it too. Iโ€™ve been listening to All You Need Is Love a lot this past year, it says it all. And another grid point is Gibraltar, where they got married. My twin and I met there. Thank you Marla ๐ŸŒนโค๏ธ๐Ÿ™

  2. I felt called to John Lennons Imagine on May 15th. It was so strange because I was never a fan but suddenly I had this feeling to listen to Imagine and when I heard it…the lyrics meant so much more to me! Like I needed everyone to hear this song. So I found a cover band on YouTube and shared them to my FB.

  3. Interesting. John Lennon was kind of my first spiritual experience when I was around 21. I wasn’t spiritual back then but I got really into him and felt a deep love. He kind of gave me the feeling of the love beyond the physical, so beautiful. Have felt him around over the years. Love him.

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