Trust the Journey

The most important, yet often hardest, lesson on the twin flame journey is trust in the process. For the ego, the journey appears totally irrational. How is it possible to trust something that seems so intangible?

Trusting the universe is key to making the transition from 3D and mind centered reality to 5D and heart centered reality. It’s your key to begin searching beyond the veils that have limited your ability to connect with the supernatural. It’s through this shift that you begin to open to your ascension journey.

How do you learn trust? There is no easy route to faith. Trust falls under the energy of the divine feminine. The more you are balanced in your embodiment of the feminine, the easier time you will have with trust. If you find yourself lacking trust, it’s because your heart is not fully open at that moment.

Almost every time you are triggered, you are likely to be dealing with the issue of trust, whether it’s a primary or secondary issue. How often does this happen to you…the universe is showing you sign after sign. You are feeling in your flow. Everything is wonderful and your sense of trust is at level 10. Then your twin flame does something that doesn’t meet your expectation of what you believe should be happening. Bam…you are swearing at your guides, trying to run, closing your heart chakra and convinced you’ve been wrong to put one ounce of trust in this situation or person.

This is the number one issue I work with people on and this is the number one issue my guides want me to talk to you about right now. These ups and downs were part of your growth cycle but if you are still dealing with a lot of ups and downs in regard to trust, then this is something you may want to begin observing closely in yourself.

You may not be seeing something here. Allowing yourself to fall into distrust is closing your heart and creating resistance to your twin flame. You may be projecting your resistance onto them. Your fears make you believe that you aren’t safe to trust either your twin or the universe. You then go back into patterns of victimization to protect yourself from getting hurt. Eventually, this pattern has to go if you really want to start building your dreams and calling your twin flame back to you.

You are trying to bicycle with training wheels on. Those training wheels are so handy when you are learning. They help you trust that you aren’t going to fall over. You built up your speed and technique. You became really good at riding the bike and maintaining your balance. Eventually, those training wheels have to come off. You don’t need them anymore to stay balanced but you’ve gotten used to the habit of them and so it feels safe to fall back on them even when you don’t really need to.

You’ve gotten used to the habit of closing your heart when you feel uncomfortable. Do you really need to do that anymore? You are going to go so much faster if you just let that pattern go. Your ego will try and get you to stay were you feel safe but you can’t fly if you are afraid to leave the ground! You have to fly now!

This stage of the ascension journey is going to work best and move fastest the more you stay open in your heart chakra. You are moving into a deeper phase of surrender. Your ability to be a creator of your reality is growing. You want to create from your heart for the highest outcome and you want to maintain your highest vibration.

These shifts are occurring not just with your partner but within the collective energies as well. More and more triggers will come from outside your twin flame connection but they require the same remedy; balance, love and trust. There is nothing for you to fear for the universe is guiding your every step.

If you look back on your journey, you’ll probably see a pattern with regard to trust. You’ll see your ups and downs. You can’t stop loving your twin therefore you can’t stop trusting the universe. The unconditional love of the twin flame connection creates this innate desire to have hope! To believe in the miracles you’ve been promised even when you can’t see the end result.

So many of you curse this hope. You try everything to squelch its tiny bud in your fear, but you cannot. It’s your training wheels. This limitless hope stops you from giving up too soon! Everyday you are supported and given signs from the universe. When you are triggered they are still there but you either don’t see them or they are telling you to be patient and you don’t want to hear that in the moment of your fear.

You can stop the resistance. You can! Just believe! Next time you are triggered and the voice of the ego tells you that this is an unsafe situation, stay aware. Listen to your heart instead.You can bypass a lot of the pain if you stay in your place of trust. You may not know why it’s happening but trust will help you understand that it’s just a temporary lesson. Just part of your initiation into expanded energies, for if we are working with the universe, we are always expanding.

Times are changing. Leaps of faith are going to be required for many of you has new opportunities are presented. These require unshakable faith. There won’t be time for training wheels or doubt, just action. Will you be ready?

Written in love,


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  1. I put all my faith and trust in the divine. I am letting go of all that does not serve me anymore. I love Kevin from the deepest part of my heart and soul. I have 100% faith in my inner knowing and feeling. We are made for each other. We are meant to be together forever. I believe in Kevin so much. I know Kevin is with me on this journey and guiding me all the time. I am sending love, peace and happiness. And I know the divine will bring us together at the right time. I love you Kevin.

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