Twin Flame 8:8 Lion’s Gate Reading

Since the Summer Solstice twin flame unions have been going to the next level.  The divine masculine is understanding the connection more and more.  They are preparing for reunions and next stage of mission.  Much can be healed during the current timeline shifts.  Forgiveness is more important than ever to facility the shifts. 

Activation for Divine Union $8.88 thru August 17, 2020

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3 Comments on “Twin Flame 8:8 Lion’s Gate Reading”

  1. Hi Marla,

    Thank you for the inspiring Lion’s Gate Portal Reading. It has given me strength to remain peaceful, patient, positive, present and persevering on this scared union and soul ascension journey.

    I’d like to purchase the Activation for Divine Union at the special price, but when I click on the link it seems to be still selling at the usual price of $11.11 on Vimeo. Could you please provide a link for purchase at $8.88, if it is different from the link provided above? I appreciate your kindness at offering it at this special price for a limited time 🙂

    Many thanks for all your beautiful guidance 🙂

    1. Oops, I meant sacred union! Although this journey can be a bit scary at times, when it comes to doing shadow work, etc!!

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