Twin Flame Messages Pick~A~Card

There has been a lot of shifting since the Solstice as we venture into deeper heart awakenings. There is a balance being created between the 5D and the 3D. The 5D will deepen for many at the same time, there is a sense of loss, and perhaps separation in 3D as the abandonment wound is triggered. This is just shoring up all the work you did last year releasing feelings of unrequited love.

Cards #1 2:13 Cards #2 37:46 Cards #3 1:10:50

4 Comments on “Twin Flame Messages Pick~A~Card”

  1. Cards 1 resonated deeply with the last month and and a half of my relationship- how do I find the rest on Vimeo and can I please ask what date you originally posted this ?

    1. Hello, this was published on January 19th but the readings are not time limited. Whenever someone feels drawn to listen there will be messages. There is an issue with my site not allowing me to link my Vimeo account. Let me try to link to it here.

      vod_pages Thank you and I’m glad it resonated!

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