Twin Flame Messages

Pick a heart to receive a message about what your twin flame is working on healing, what are their feelings for you and what they would like to tell you if they could. Heart one is clear quartz, heart two is rose quartz and heart three is malachite. These messages are not time sensitive so come back when you feel you need guidance.

The time stamps are below:

Heart 1: 1:04

Heart 2: 10:41

Heart 3: 20:05

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9 Comments on “Twin Flame Messages”

  1. Although my twin is no longer in my life, and after 5 years of not hearing hide nor hair from him, and I’ve moved on with a sacred lover who brings me much joy, this reading (Malachite heart) was as if it came straight from my Twin. Thank you, Marla, for this and for guiding me on the journey going on three years. Heartfelt thanks!

  2. All I will say without disclosing his business is it truly resonates with his kids, his family,his childhood etc. I am blessed by this message. Thank you so much for bringing a little light to what I feel is happening now.

  3. Thank you – the malachite reading resonated so strongly and it looks like some of our current healing is mirroring eachother (surprise surprise). Everything you said was in line with my own thoughts Marla – you are amazing!

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