Twin Flame/Sacred Union Astrology Report for Pisces Full Moon

This energy report covers the full moon in Pisces on August 26, 2018. Are you ready to surrender? Embrace the Divine Feminine energy? Mars finally goes direct on August 27th but we aren’t done clearing our blocks to moving forward just yet as we still have another Mars/South Node conjunction to get through. Black Moon Lilith is currently approaching the South Node which can trigger some intense feelings of betrayal and hurt. These feelings need to be faced though as part of healing separation.

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Images: Shakti, The Goddess Oracle Deck by Amy Marashinsky

Eros and Psyche by Dahlig at DeviantArt

Lilith by John Collier

Lilith by Dianna Van Damme at DeviantArt

Love and blessings!

2 Comments on “Twin Flame/Sacred Union Astrology Report for Pisces Full Moon”

  1. Thank you Marla the energy has certainly still been intense and challenging as I thought I had already surrendered
    Hope you are well miss your readings
    Lisa ?

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