Twin Flame Separation

Beloved twin flames, we wish to connect with you about separation from your other half. We see so many in pain and fear based on separation in the third dimensional frequency. We wish to tell you that this is unnecessary on so many levels.

It is a natural process for twin flames to go through cycles of separation, this is mainly for growth purposes. There is a tendency for twin flames, who are not yet fully balanced, to focus on the other person when they should be focusing on their own growth and allowing the other person to focus on their own growth. The best way for this tendency to be corrected is through separation. Your higher self and your guides are always working with each of you. When in separation it is important to focus on the self, as that is the purpose. We realize this is challenging because you feel such great love for them and fear that they will not return. We assure you, this is an unfounded fear. By focusing on them to the detriment of your own growth, you are complicating the process. We advise you to look upon this time with joy, secure in the belief that you are both working diligently towards reunion. This is what is meant by surrender. We ask you to accept this process and have faith that when the divine time is reached and both of you have healed enough, reunion is inevitable.

We ask during these times of separation that you focus on the soul connection that is always there with your twin flame. It is important that twin flames value this higher level form of communication and work towards always improving it. It is through this loving connection that both of you are continually reassured that they have not left you.

Many do not realize it but there are many templates and false belief systems inherent in both twin flames that makes coming together in physical reality exceedingly difficult. That is why we continually ask you to work on yourselves, examining your motives and behaviors, in order to find those that are hindering your reunion. These templates can block the very thing that you aspire to by repelling your other half. Another purpose of the separation is to trigger these templates and fears. If you fear separation from your twin flame, ask yourself what the underlying fear is and work towards its release.

When two twin flames come together without being properly healed, there is difficulty raising the relationship to the higher frequencies. The relationship gets mired in the old templates and this can be exceedingly painful for the twin flames involved. This is the reason that many of you have chosen this path of separation before your incarnation. Without the proper amount of healing you end up treating your twin flame as you would a karmic relationship, with all those negative qualities. The damage from such encounters can set the pair back considerably and that makes it difficult to keep things on the timeline.

Yes, each twin flames reunion is on a divine timeline. We work earnestly to arrange the events and synchronicites that will bring you together. The path of healing itself is on a timeline. For your protection, it must be done in stages. If you look back over your journey, you will see the progression you have gone through. Be assured that when you heal, you are healing the soul, in essence healing your twin flame as they also posses your soul. This should give you great incentive towards that end.

For some twin flames the anchoring of the energies play a role in reunion. It is necessary for certain twins to be at certain geographical points during energetic shifts. This means that one must be at another location, possibly in other parts of the world.

We also say to you, if you feel the need to separate from your twin flame, do not be afraid to honor this. This is your higher self communicating that it is time for you to focus on yourself once again. Contact with your twin flame brings up all of one’s unconscious issues for clearing and can at times be overwhelming. If you find yourself overwhelmed it is reasonable to ask the other for time away. This should not create fear in one or both twins but be seen as a time of temporary reflection and integration.

We ask dear ones, that you have great levels of faith at this exceeding trying time. We ask that you focus on loving yourself and keeping your thoughts positive. We remind you that if you find yourself in separation at this time, it does not mean you will not come together with your beloved at a future date. The coming together of twin flames on the Earth plane is much more complicated than any of you can see from your current perspective. Trust that all is in order and lighten the heaviness in your hearts, trusting that we are ever working towards bringing you together at the divinely appointed hour.

Channeled by Marla Kelly 10-30-15

14 Comments on “Twin Flame Separation”

  1. My twin flame and I separated for 4 years, reunited, then separated again. Did we reunite too quickly? Is it common to have multiple separations? Perhaps we both have more work to do. Thank you for any insight.

  2. Of all the Twin Flame blogs and videos out there at the moment, I feel that yours is the most “on message” and “real”. Your message about “discernment” came to me at the exact time when I was beginning to feel overwhelmed about all the information on the internet, and I could feel it starting to affect my energy.

    I took your suggestion and culled my list of “references” to five (and I had already found most of my “go to” sources by then), and you are on the top of that list.

    I will always refer to your wise words, which go beyond the Twin Flame journey and really teach us how to love and respect and focus on ourselves first, which is one if not the key lesson of this whole crazy but beautiful journey.

    So thank you for being a true light of wisdom and truth in the deluge of information out there, and for taking the time and effort to help so many other TFs navigate this journey. Your advice and insights are a real source of strength and comfort for me, and I’m sure for many others too. 🙂

  3. Very helpful article which explains in great detail the mechanics and the reasons behind Twin Flames separation. Thank you so much for that! 🙂

    1. my twin flame’s name is the same as yours. It made my heart stop when I scrolled to the bottom and saw your name

  4. My twin and I split 2 weeks ago. He told me he loves me, is in love with me, wants everything with me, but he can’t do it to himself at this time. He told me he wants to remain best friends and talk every day and FaceTime sometimes (we are long distance) so that was our normal. We texted every day when we could and FaceTimed almost every night. We agreed to take a two week break and not talk during that time. Yesterday, he came back saying he’s ready for us to talk and go back to communicating as best friends. We had a deep conversation last night about how our connection is still so strong and definitely there. After our split, it really made me realize I need to work on myself spiritually and heal and work on my insecurities. Is it a good idea to remain in contact like this? He really wants it and I do as well. I’m not sad or affected negatively by it, but one day I’m hoping for a reunion.

  5. Thank you for the gentleness in your communication on tf separation. I feel like i am being understood and that I am not alone. That there are people who are going through similar excruciating pain. Yes its terribly hard to go through the tf separation. I am silently screaming inside my head. I am so full of anger with my tf. He left me. No goodbye. Just silence. But i know i have to calm down and clear my heart of anger. I love him. It always feels like he is on the other side of me. Still and quiet. I can feel him most of the times. I never felt he is separated from me. Only in physical.

    Thank you once again for sharing your experiences and thoughts on tf. Light & peace.

  6. Why can’t my false twin flame let things go. I have forgiven him for all the negative since meeting my real twin because that is where I struggled and needed to heal but he is hell bent on keeping us apart. Why can’t he just accept that he isn’t my twin and that his real twin is waiting for him if he would just let this go?

  7. I jumped into this blog after googling “Hugs pictures between twin flames” looking for the most representative image that can describe what I am leaving in this powerful moment of my life. No perfect pictures of course can be find there, but your words resonate a lot with my feelings. I know in few days we will separate because we will travel to different countries and the pain that this thought is causing to my heart is very deep. I know is a lot of work with myself here, so I am cultivating my arts (they have never been so beautiful like in these last days) and keep focusing on my job in service of other people (I am yogi, sound healer and dancer). I just felt to write a comment here and to say a big thank you dear Marla for your clear explanation. With love, Tania

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