Twin Flame “State of the Union” Card Messages

Pick a number 1-6 and get a message for your union. This is a game I do on my Facebook page a few times a year. You can follow me there at if you would like to see the six cards laid out before choosing.

Card 2….4:40
Card 3….10:29
Card 4….16:50
Card 5… comparaison de prix viagra.22:08
Card 6….28:20

Thank you for playing!

2 Comments on “Twin Flame “State of the Union” Card Messages”

  1. I choose 6.. omg. I am in the middle of divorce from a narcissist.. I’m not sure how to let it go. I left 2 years ago but the divorce is dragging. And I feel that is partly why I have a hard time letting go.. he keeps dragging the divorce so I can’t let go fully out of having to relive my story over and over with the case.

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