Twin Flame Talk: Angie and Rob Answer Your Questions

I”m excited to have Angie and Rob back, this time to answer your submitted questions. They have a huge amount of wisdom to share after experiencing a 17 years of separation to find each other again and come into union. Here are the questions/topics covered;

“I feel whole in myself and I am happy to be alone but I know I am entitled to a healthy relationship, yet my twin keeps running and staying in all his insecurities. What I am supposed to be learning about this? (edited)”

“When you reflect back over the years, was there a possibility to spend up reunion, such as through your personal choices?”

“I also told my twin that we were twin flames but he wrote back that is was BS and nonsense. This goes against what his soul is telling me in 5D. What should I think?” (edited)

“How do you deal with karmic partners that are trying to keep you apart?”

“How to differentiate between false twin and a true soul connections?”

“Should I date other people if my twin isn’t ready?”

“Does the push-pull REALLY help us heal and move to a higher level?”

“Does the so called awakened twin ever stop comparing other partners to the other twin aka the runner twin?”

“Can you talk about some themes between karmic partners and co-dependency?”

“How did you tame your love for each other into friendship for all those years?”

“What is your age differences? Did it affect your relationship?”

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6 Comments on “Twin Flame Talk: Angie and Rob Answer Your Questions”

  1. This video was such a wonderful way to begin the day (especially with the new moon in Scorpio). Thanks to Rob and Angie for sharing their experiences and wisdom. So many parts of your story resonated very deeply with me, and gave me comfort — as well as a boost of courage to continue. I feel far less alone in this journey having found your site, Marla. Thank you all for your generosity. I’m truly grateful.

  2. Thank you Angie & Rob for answering my question about turning love to friendship. It was truly helpful and I see a lot of similarities between your situation and my own. I can see my twin’s behavior in the answer Rob had given and it helps me understand better. I also see where I’m headed in needing to surrender to what this currently is with my own twin. To accept his current relationship with someone else and to “surrender” to he and I being friends. Both he and I want to keep the friendship and contact, we’ve known each other 30 years, 20 of them in no contact at all. We also have a unique situation that involves life threatening medical issues to work around. So, thank you again Angie & Rob for sharing. It is helpful to hear others stories.

  3. Hi,
    I’ve been in my twin flame journey for over 30 years. We reunited after 15 years but we have parted again and we’ve not connected again for 4 years, in fact, he’s gone back to his ex wife. I know there’s no love there but who knows. All I can do is keep looking after me and send out love towards my twin and hope re reunite again. I’m happy in my single life though

  4. Marla, please respond. Was trying to bypass this myself for the past year but it’s led to our separation this week.
    I am also absolutely terrified. I didn’t realize the magnitude the awakening he prompted. I saw what I believe to be his authentic self. He completely turned into a different person when we were alone. He had a different voice, demeanor and was extremely serious. All extremely attractive; beyond words. Told me he’s been around for a very long time. His eyes scared the shit out of me, thought I was perhaps dealing with some dark entity. The ego came crashing in and quickly found this to be a very real threat. Ive heard that their a direct reflection of ourselves, I’m considering the fact that maybe I wasn’t too familiar with my shadow side.

    I’m still looking for someone to explain or share if they’ve had a similar experience with their twin flame. It’s caused great difficulties in our relationship, hard to trust.

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