Twin Flame Talk: Rob and Angie Share Their 20 Year Journey to Union

I interview Rob and Angie, twin flames who have been on this journey for 20 years. They share their experiences over that time and how they came together from both the masculine and feminine perspective. They explain how each experienced it, what each was going through, other relationships, healing, trust and ultimately surrender which led to reunion. We also talk about physical union and what it actually means to be “in union,” which is much deeper than simply being in contact with your twin. Does the journey end when you get into union? Our purpose for sharing is to inspire you to keep going. Reunions DO happen but you must go through the healing process!

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing Angie and Rob’s story. And thanks to Rob and Angie for telling it! I so appreciated how real, how human, their journey has been. A great reminder for us all that we hold the power within to create our own union — and that it’s nobody’s job but our own to create love and magic for ourselves. Thank you for the grounding and inspiration.

  2. Thank you for sharing!! That was fantastic!! So reassuring in regards to being able to identify with much of what you both have been through and also to give me hope that after 20 years my twin and I can happily and harmoniously unite. Probably the most helpful which I have also realised is they’re a mirror for you…. It’s not them but you that has to do the work if you’re being triggered. Thanks again <3

  3. Listening to this in Calgary, knew I wasn’t the only twinflame in Calgary, but the confirmation is nice, thanks guys 🙂

  4. I am reunited with my TF. We are both married with kids under 10. We both know that we want to raise our kids before we go into union. Our connection is undoubtedly a TF connection. It’s unbelievably hard to know we must wait for so many years. We are both not ready yet, but we are very much in sync with each other. We don’t have the same issues that Rob and Angie had. We both know we are meant to be together and have chosen to wait until our kids are adults. I hope we won’t regret this in 15 years 🙂

    1. Interesting that you feel your children won’t be able to handle the changes. They are more resilient than you know. Seems like it’s your own fears that prevent you from being together. Of course, it’s your choice to wait 15 more years. <3

  5. Looks like I’m on a 20 year journey too. It’s been 7 so far. We are in love and plan on being together when our kids are grown. About 14 years. No biggie lol.

    We are a formidable force together but we are both married raising kids. We don’t want to disrupt our children’s lives.

    I have heard stories of this Twin Flame situation working out after 25 years, so I’m hopeful. This situation is actually very common in the Twin Flame community.

    1. You may want to listen to the other twin flame interviews I did. Both those couples had families and successfully integrated them together. Thanks for watching.

  6. Thank you so much for this article Marla. *Jennifer, you truly spoke right to my soul and I even had a thankful cry of healing by reading your words.

  7. It’s my twin that won’t leave his kids. I have to respect that decision. He says we can be together when his kids are grown.

    I am now working on myself.

  8. great.Me and my TWIN FLAME 14 years since we know each other. being together on 2013 broke up, back on 2014 and at end of 2014 i run away from him in other country, and all start: telepthaty, songs etc. I thought he put a spell on me because he is a magician, but after i decided that i will do everything to forget him, i meet a guy that remember me about him and i start make research on google.. to understand that feeling to know that i love him unconditional… and that i find out on feb 2018 about twin flame. I thought that the guy that i met recently is my twin flame, but how he can be, he is married with 4 children…and his name is the same with my TWIN FLAME.. so i start confusing who is my twin flame. the one that i know from 14 years and i am run away from him because i cant live with him or without him or the guy that is married…so i start go within and i realise that was the first one…

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