Twin Flame Unification and 144K Activation

Blessed Mabon/Fall Equinox and Aries Full Moon. We are ascending! Those twin flames that are coming into balance of the divine masculine and feminine are undergoing an energetic unification processes. This is the first stage of grounding union energies into the lower dimensions. This also allows a deeper integration of your higher self. The next stage for twin flames will be resolving communication issues. As we step away from ego’s and into higher consciousness we allow our true selves and truth to come forth allowing for more balance in twin flame energy. On September 23, 2018 at 1:44 am EST we have a special planetary alignment that is activating the 144,000 light workers into this new energy. There is a purification process with this shift as we work towards resolving our karma in order to free ourselves for the new levels of consciousness.

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For more information about Twinfinity’s Twin Flame workshop in Banff, Alberta, Canada visit my website or Facebook.

Love and light!

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One Comment on “Twin Flame Unification and 144K Activation”

  1. Why would i keep working on this anylonger…..?
    Because all i feel and see is gods betrail.
    A spirit that suggests me to treed myself as crap.
    A univurse i need to lie to for it to listen.
    A soul that tries to kill me.
    And a planet of greed and fear and injustice.
    A journey to suïcide to get way from this god
    And a longing to have never ever existed Because of it.
    Beings that cant feel have No responcebillity and steer us in to eternal miasma.


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