Twin Flame Union Reading: Only Love Is Real

With Venus Rx we are all getting back to the LOVE. Memories of love are coming in strong and clear. It’s this memory that pushes us to grow and gives us the perseverance to keep walking this path. Get back to simplicity and just love! Our third eyes continue to expand and this is changing our perception of everything and helping us all understand this connection more. Many are feeling nostalgic and thinking about what things they might have changed on this journey, yet surrender to the knowledge that everything is aligning in the divinely appointed moment.

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I am using the decks Psychic Tarot of the Heart, Romance Angels Oracle, Enchanted Map Oracle, Shamanic Healing and Goddess Guidance Oracle.

Love you!

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  1. Marla, you nailed it quite a few things for me in toto, being nostalgic, walls, no unable to ground and meditate I was wondering why on earth suddenly I am slipping down. Thanks to you I know now.

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