Twin Flame Update: Divine Masculine Energy

The DM is feeling challenged on every side as they continue with their rebirthing process. As they integrate more of the DF energy, they are transitioning into their hearts. They are being guided to detach and let go and that may mean detaching from their divine partners in order to focus on others areas that need attention and find balance within. As the old is being cleared away, they are becoming more tuned into the twin flame dynamics.

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2 Comments on “Twin Flame Update: Divine Masculine Energy”

  1. I didn’t get the part when you say detaching from divine partners means the DF ? And they getting attuned with the twin flame dynamics ? Can you please explain this ?

    1. Sorry that wasn’t clear. The DM may need to detach from their DF counterparts as they do their healing work. The future energies show that the masculine is connecting and understanding the twin flame energies and dynamics more and this will lead to a reconnection. Does that help? Thank you.

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