Twin Flame/Divine Love Energy Report for the Capricorn Full Moon

The Capricorn Full Moon on July 8/9th, is a release period for the Lion’s Gate. We are being given this time to let go of those things that will impede us from fully using the energy of the Lion’s Gate, which is activating our hearts with unconditional love. Most of you are clearly being shown what it is you are working on. After several weeks of being told to go within, we are gearing up for forward momentum. I felt that the message this week was really geared towards the masculine energy who are undergoing a major shift.

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4 Comments on “Twin Flame/Divine Love Energy Report for the Capricorn Full Moon”

  1. Here I was looking for something pertaining to Twins and the full moon and I was shown this and it just hit spot on. Thank you thank you!!!

  2. Morning. Thank you. I am going through a lot. A lot of suffering and growth so as my twin flame. I want to be there for him but he is shutting me out. Is it normal for both flames to go through suffering at the same time?

    1. It’s normal to go through periods of separation so you can each work on what you need to heal. It can be very hard to stay in contact when major releases are occurring.

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