Twin Flames: Deal with Triggers by Focusing on Union

Twin flames are feeling the pressure between the eclipses and Syrian energies. Some of you might be experiencing your partner pulling away as the DM is pushed towards change. They can no longer keep doing things the same way and that’s triggering for them. For both twins, fears have to be faced and let go of. That’s both the blessing and the challenge. To help navigate this shift, trust in your spiritual connection and universal love. Lots of cheerleading from our guides. All of this is preparation for the intense light energy approaching and DNA activations that are bringing us deeper into our Christed-self.

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4 Comments on “Twin Flames: Deal with Triggers by Focusing on Union”

  1. Wow! This is so great to hear. I felt like my soul was ripped from me the last few days. It’s always nice when a video of yours helps me regroup.

    Love Jennifer

  2. Womderful .. I am so happy I found you on the first day of the opening of the lions gate. Blessings and Love.

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