Twin Flames and the New Moon in Libra October 12, 2015

On the 12th of October we have a New Moon taking place at 19 degrees Libra. A New Moon is when the Sun and Moon meet and they bring new beginnings. This New Moon promises us a release from the karmic cycles that are interfering with our move into the 5th dimension. What I mean by karma is those cycles we keep repeating on an unconscious level because we have either grown comfortable and complacent with them or we have kept them hidden in the shadow. Now is the time to confront and release them. The universe is offering plenty of help in uncovering what these patterns are. It’s more than likely that you are already underway in this process as many people have been experiencing purging since the Blood Moon Eclipse.

The asteroid Valentine is conjunct the New Moon and this is activating unconditional love. Unconditional love towards YOU, as the Sun and the Moon represent the self. Time to love you and put yourself first. Again, the Libra/Aries axis is being activated. Aries is the self, Libra the other. This is about finding balance between the self and those you partner with. Black Moon Lilith in Libra wants equality and justice. Were are you giving too much of yourself away? Where are others draining you? Where do you not stand in your power but let other manipulate you? These behaviors are not coming into the fifth dimension with us!

The New Moon is opposing Uranus and asteroid Karma in Aries. Expect some flashes of insight into exactly what these patterns are. Both of them are in retrograde making it a very internalized process. Uranus is awakenings, insight, revolution, rebellion and breaking free. Asteroid Karma is triggering the cycles to come out and Uranus is helping to break free. Karmic contracts are ending. Remember, the New Moon is a new beginning. A fresh start free of limiting patterns and beliefs.

The sabian symbol for the New Moon is “A jewish rabbi in a tiny room full of manuscripts and books, performing his duty.” This sabian is about ancient knowledge and fulfilling a duty. Yes, each one of us signed up to create a new Earth. The knowledge you need to do this is inside of you already. We are living in many other timelines that we can now access to unlock the answers we need. The Sabian for Uranus is “A magic carpet hovers over the depressing reality of everyday life in an industrial area.” This one is very ascension oriented. We can “rise above” 3rd dimensional duality consciousness if we choose. It is about transcending and rising above our problems. The fifth dimension is a state of mind. It is a choice. Focusing on the ugliness of life is not going to get you there.

There are two other helpful influences effecting the New Moon. First, it is inconjunct to Chiron in Pisces. If we are willing to face the patterns, we are promised healing of the negative beliefs. It is also being squared by asteroid Kali in Cancer. Kali is the Hindu goddess of time, change and destruction. She is shakti and empowerment. Kali destroys our ego thereby liberating us from the karmic cycle of reincarnation. Call on Kali to give you strength and help you break free of these cycles.

At the time of the New Moon, Mercury is just turning direct and conjunct the North Node of Destiny and asteroid Logos, as well as sextile Saturn. While Mercury was retrograde, did you discover any patterns related to how you communicate with others? Did you develop any new skills? Did you receive any ideas, communications or run into someone that gave you clues into what your mission will be? Have you connected with more of your soul family? The sabian here is “The light of the six race transmuted to the seventh.” This one relates to new beginnings, ascension, a new level of living, a new age, evolution, transmutation, sharing a vision and discovering kindred spirits. Mercury is still in his shadow phase until the 24th so we still are working in the retrograde energies until then. The South Node is in Aries and is conjunct Vesta. Vesta is keeper of the eternal flame and conjunct the South Node it is possible you may hear from your Beloved at this time. My take on this energy though is about being able to let go of that which you were once devoted to, be it relationship, belief or habit. As Vesta is so closely linked to twin flames, this aspect can help you detach on an emotional or mental level from them. I’d love to hear from you if you are feeling any detachment.

Venus is out of her shadow phase and into new energy in Virgo. She is making an opposition to Neptune. Venus-Neptune aspects have to do with unconditional love, romance and rose colored glasses. We can be a little delusional about relationships with this aspect. However, both are squaring Saturn and he is bringing a healthy dose of reality and popping the fantasy bubble. In fact, with Saturn here, I feel this is going to be supporting the Uranus energy of sudden insight. If you have not been seeing a relationship truthfully or if someone was not being honest with you, expect it to come out now.

Mars is conjunct Jupiter in Virgo and they are trining Pluto in Capricorn. This aspect is really loading us up on drive, courage and personal empowerment and we really need it! I know many of us are very tired right now but we are in the last big push. It isn’t always a comfortable process to face yourself. Spirit knows this and is really so grateful for all the hard work twin flames and other light workers have accomplished. Unfortunately, it is the only way to create this transformation of the self. This aspect is also helping us with our mission as both Virgo and Capricorn are related to service, status and work.

The soulmate pair Thisbe and Pyramus are still conjunct in Cancer. I have spoken about them in a previous report but today I am getting a different message. Here is the mythology again. They are an early version of Romeo and Juliet. Thisbe and Pyramus were neighbors in Babylon. They fell madly in love yet their families were enemies. They longed to marry yet their families refused the match. The pair found a crack in the wall between their houses and would meet there to confess their undying love through the cracks. They were so miserable apart they decided to elope. Thisbe arrived at the meeting place first and was startled by seeing a lioness there, ran in fear, dropping her veil in the rush. The lion pawed and chewed on the veil with its bloody mouth. Pyramus came along to find no Thisbe and the bloody veil. In despair, he took his own life with his sword. Thisbe returned to find her love and not wanting to be separated even in death, fell upon his sword. The message today, fellow twins, is do not let separation from your twin stop you from continuing forward. We can and will do this work separately. Do not fall into the trap of believing that you need them. They are with you at all times and that will only get stronger as the new energies are grounded.

Take advantage of these energies to rid yourself of the lower vibrations. We are headed toward great things. Spirit is trying to empower and strengthen you. Now is your chance to write a new story for your life. One free of programming. One where you are the hero.

*Information on the Sabian Symbols from “360 Degrees of Wisdom” by Lynda Hill.

Written by Marla Kelly

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