Channeled Message on Twin Flame Separations

Many twin flames at this juncture are finding themselves in a situation of separation or temporary break from their beloved. We are feeling the frustration and impatience from many who feel this is a setback to their union. On the contrary, this is not a setback but a step forward. Separation is nothing to fear for you are never truly separated.

The energy at this point in time is very strong. Many are currently going through a large upgrade as we prepare for the changes in the upcoming year. It is a time of releasing energy to make way for more light. This is causing you and your partners to be triggered so you can look at the patterns and belief systems that are holding you back from expressing yourself as the pure love that you are.

Again, we say, the twin flame union begins with your higher self and moves downward. This you already know but are you truly working with it in this way? You cannot focus on the interaction in 3d and try to force spiritual growth upwards. If you picture the 4th dimension as a bucket of water and the third dimension as one drop into that bucket, it makes little change. Moving upward, the 5th dimension is like a swimming pool and the 3rd a drop. The 6th dimension is like a lake and the 3rd one drop. The 12th dimension is like a sea and the 3rd is one drop. The energy here is very tiny and cannot make much change but flip it around. Let the sea of energy from the higher dimensions pour down upon the others and a huge wave of change is created. So you see, it is much more effective to work with your twin in the higher realms than it is to focus on such a tiny piece. This causes less pain for you as well.

The frustration you feel at separation from your beloved is one more template that needs to be released as you are never truly separated at all. That is fear based duality. At certain points the union must separate and trying to hang on is of no use. It will only cause a lowering of the vibration. It creates more frustration towards them when they are not behaving as you would like, whereas, if you separated, you would, within a rather short period of time, turn your heart back to unconditional love. Love for them and love of self. You are honoring them and yourselves in this way.

Another aspect of separating is so that you can build trust in your abilities to manifest and that we are always and forever caring for you. Part of the process of ascension is having faith in things that are unseen. When you are separated you are forced to look into your heart for the truth. Feel that they are there. Know that things are moving. Let go of the control. Control is fear and fear is a block to moving forward. What is yours can never be taken away. Think of a baby. It has to learn that even when his mother is out of sight she is still there. Still caring for him and loving him. It is the same with twin flames. Even when she or he is out of your sight, they are still there. They still hold a space of love for you. When they leave and come back enough you will begin to believe this just like the infant.

This is a time to go inward so you can integrate the energies and focus on your creations. This will help you feel calm in this rather difficult time of uncertainty. Each must look within and not depend on your twin flame to make you feel secure now. It is not a time to be in discord and lowered vibration, trust us when we say this, as things are beginning to accelerate rapidly. Thank your twin flame for showing you that which you did not see before and work on healing that in yourself as they do the same. Growth can occur much faster this way otherwise you keep pulling each other back to the old ways.

So do not be afraid. We see each of you and love you. We see your flames of light burning brighter all the time. Go within. Connect with your heart, where your beloved always resides and connect with us. Have faith that all is well.

Channeled by Marla Kelly 12-01-15

2 Comments on “Channeled Message on Twin Flame Separations”

  1. Love this..reading 4/29/17…we seperated 4/1/15 before this article was written and that was the time frame I started seeing #222 asnit was out of control showing itself to me everywhere. Last niggt and today I’ve seen it about 10x in less than 24 hrs. Now I come across this by Marla on my fb news feed being brought back up…thanks to you Marla and ofcourse my guides and angels for your message…no coincidences <3

  2. Thank you for your article.
    It’s very nice and true!!
    The most important things is working on our hearts ?
    Inside and not to loose hope.

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