Twin Flames & The Great Awakening: Sneak Peek At My New Oracle Deck “Messages From the Beloved”

Who are the 144,000 twin flames and why are they here? This video uses images from my new deck IN2IT Oracle Twin Flame:”Messages from the Beloved.” The artwork is done by Kimberley Aria who also wrote and produced this beautiful and inspiring video about twin flames. This deck features 11 Suits of 11 cards for a total of 122 with the included Bonus Card. Here are the 11 Suits: Communication, Romance, Mission, Patterns, Trust, Growth, Mirrors, Union, Karmic Ties, Telepathy, and Timing & Intentions. The IN2IT Twins Flame deck also includes their signature deluxe magnetic closure box with rose quartz crystals to keep the cards cleared and charged. More details coming soon but if you’d like to be notified when the Kickstarter launches, please sign up below.

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Brought to you by iN2IT Publishing, written by Marla Kelly and illustrated by Kimberley Aria. ??


2 Comments on “Twin Flames & The Great Awakening: Sneak Peek At My New Oracle Deck “Messages From the Beloved””

  1. Omg this is so cool! I have been wanting a physical tf deck to use. I have been using Cassady cable’s moble app and feel those cards are a bit limiting. So excited for these cards to come out.

    Good job all involved!

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