Twinfinity’s Twin Flame/Sacred Union Workshop in Banff, Alberta October 5-8, 2018

The Adventure
Join us in stunning, world-renowned Banff, Alberta, Canada
In The heart of the Canadian Rocky Mountains for an Experience of a Lifetime!!

A Special Retreat Like Twin Flame/Divine Partner Workshop
with the additional option of a Uniquely Personalized
“Tour of the Rockies”

Twin Flame Workshop: October 5-7th, 2018
Tour of the Rockies: October 8th, 2018

The Workshop
~Have questions?
~Feeling weary on the journey, need support & healing?
~Want to meet other like-minded individuals on the path?

Come get TWINSPIRED!!! Get your questions answered in person, receive support, guidance & healing and experience the powerful energy of meeting others on the path.

Join us, Rob &Angie (TwinFinity), twin flames in harmonious union who’ve been on the TF path over 20 years! We offer practical skills, knowledge and support along with Reiki, Mediumship, Channeling, Clairvoyance, Claircognizances, PLR.

For more on us, our story and our videos:

The Facilitators
We are blessed to have wonderful facilitators joining us to help make this experience as great as possible for you. All of our facilitators are also twin flames and have years of experience along with gifted skills and abilities.

~Marla Kelly
Marla is a very Skilled Astrologer, Intuitive Guide and Channel whose mission is to help others understand their soul journey, purpose and karmic patterns to best heal.
For more information about Marla:

~Dio Vesselinov
Dio is an Intuitive Astrologer, Twin Flame Supporter and Guide who desires to help others find their way to their own truth within.
For more information about Dio:

~Debbie Dubois
Debbie shares her high vibe, fun spirited self along with her abilities and skills as an Intuitive, Spiritual Mentor and Wayshower.
For more information about Debbie:

~Kelly McKinstry
Kelly brings many abilities including being a Transformational Coach, Spiritual Teacher, Mentor, Reiki Master, Pranic Healer and Awakener
For more information about Kelly:

The Workshop Itinerary
Friday (October 5th)
~6:00-6:30pm….…Welcome, Introduction of Facilitators, Grounding
~6:30-9:00pm….…Introduction of participants, Question Submission
~9:00-10:00pm……Start Creation Exercise, Guided Meditation to Close

Saturday (October 6th)
~9:00-9:30am….…Welcome, Grounding
~12:00-1:30pm…..Buffet Lunch @ Vistas Restaurant Onsite (included)
~4:00-5:00pm…….Creation Exercise (outside, weather permitting)
~5:00-6:00pm…….Open Discussion/Sharing of Creation Exercise
~6:00-?:00pm…….Dinner (on your own) & Free Time/Banff Exploration

Sunday (October 7th)
~8:00-9:00am…….Free Mini Reiki Sessions with Angie and Kelly
(first come, first serve basis)
~9:00-9:30am…….Welcome & Grounding
~9:30-11:30am……Any Last Q&A/Discussion
~12:00-1:30pm.…..Buffet Lunch (included) @ Vistas Restaurant
~1:30-?:00pm……..Travel Prep for those leaving
~1:30-?:00pm……..Those staying for the Monday “Tour of the Rockies”, enjoy the rest of the afternoon on your own or with us as we explore Banff (and maybe a hike, weather permitting) 🙂

*Itinerary is subject to slight modifications to allow divine flow

*Dio will be offering free 10-15 minute one-on-one sessions for each attendee

~A Buffet Lunch is included for both Saturday & Sunday (dietary restrictions can easily be accommodated)

~Breakfast and Dinner are on your own. There are three restaurants and a cafe with smaller grab and go options at the conference area. There are also many restaurants on Banff Ave.

~Banff Ave is a 10-15 minute walk from the conference center. There will be time Saturday evening to explore and enjoy Banff town-site.

~Amenities at the hotel include a swimming pool, whirl pool, steam room, fitness center and climbing gym

~The special hotel rate is offered to workshop guest 3 days prior/after event if you want to extend your stay

~What to bring:
-layered clothing (weather can be cooler in the morning/evening and warmer during the day in the mountains)
-bathing suite (if desiring to use the hotel pool and/or Banff Hot Springs)

The “Tour of the Rockies”
Monday (October 8th)
This is your chance to experience the beauty of the Canadian Rockies!!

Enjoy a uniquely, personalized “Tour of the Rockies” similar to the one Rob took Angie on, the first day they met! This is an experience of a lifetime to view and hike some of the most sought after locations of the world.

Location stops may include:
~Johnston’s Canyon (with opportunity of hiking to upper and/or lower falls)

~Lake Louise (enjoy the stunning Victoria Glacier & Chateau Lake Louise)

~Moraine Lake (view the classic “Valley of Ten Peaks”)

~Spiral Tunnels (see how the trains get up the steep mountain terrain)

~Takakkaw Falls (experience the beauty of water cascading down the mountain)

~Emerald Lake (enjoy the scenery of the lake named for its emerald color)

*Note: Itinerary will be designed once total attending is known (plan full day)

What to Wear/Bring for the Tour of the Rockies Day
~Multiple layers of clothing, Runners or Light Hiking Boots, Hat, Water Bottle, Camera, Bag or Backpack, Rain Jacket or Windbreaker (especially if we go to Takakkaw Falls- waterfall mist)

The Booking Details
Workshop Booking
~The Weekend Workshop incl. Buffet Lunch Sat. & Sun. (Fri-Sun) is $333.33 (Canadian $)

~The Weekend Workshop AND “Tour of the Rockies” (Fri-Mon) is $444.44 (Canadian $)

~The “Tour of the Rockies” only (Mon only) is
$155.55 (Canadian $)
(Play TwinFinity’s Trivia for a chance to win a FREE “Tour of the Rockies” day! See below for details)

*All Prices are in CANADIAN CURRENCY.
*Note: Payment in full is required to secure your workshop &/or Tour spot.
Space is limited. We expect things to book quickly due to the unique event nature & location.

To secure your spot Pay Here:

Hotel Booking
~Hotel Rooms have been reserved at a discounted rate of $155.00 (Canadian $) per night
To make hotel reservations: The Banff Center @ 1-800-884-7574, use code “TwinFinity”

Transportation Booking
~To make travel arrangements from Calgary International Airport directly to the Professional Development Center in Banff:

Contact Rob and Angie @:

~FaceBook Private Message on our TwinFinity page:

TwinFinity’s Twin Flame Trivia
Win a FREE “Tour of the Rockies” Day!
Answer all 11 trivia questions correctly for your chance to win a free
“Tour of the Rockies” day for Monday October 8th, 2018 (valued at $155.55)

Submit your responses to:

The winner’s name will be drawn and announced in our 38th (11th) story video.

Trivia Questions
1. Angie put a note in the___________________ room of the apartment that her and Rob lived in from which Rob contacted her.

2. Rob and Angie met in person for the first time on what date___________.

3. On their first day together it was the reverse _______________________ that solidified their bond.

4. Because their conversations would go on forever in all directions, one of Rob and Angie`s favorite words from their first day together was/still is __________________.

5. Rob and Angie broke up when Rob sat Angie down at his kitchen table and gently ___________________her much like he would do with an employee.

6. The song that both Rob and Angie kept hearing after they broke up was Amanda Marshall`s song called______________________.

7. In total, Rob dated__________ Angies/Angelas and Angie dated__________ Robs.

8. When Angie was missing Rob she would cry to Dan Folgelberg’s song ___________________________ as it reminded her of Rob.

9. The game Rob and Angie played that allowed them to communicate more when by text as they were redeveloping a friendship in 2014 was________________________________.

10. The term Rob and Angie use to describe when they text or speak at the same time/moment is__________________________.

11. The age difference between Rob and Angie is______________.

The first day Rob and Angie met in person back in 1997, Rob took Angie on a “________________________________________” that lasted 17 hours.

We are so excited to meet you in person our wonderful Soul Family!!

All our love,
Rob, Angie, Marla, Dio, Debbie & Kelly ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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