Understanding Projection

We’ve been programmed to believe being different leads to rejection and this stifles our ability to fully express ourselves, in turn blocking creativity and freedom. Slowly light workers have been removing this programing. Now we are learning who we are by allowing our voice to be heard and this is creating titanic shifts in codependent patterns. Light codes within the Sun are activating hearts to release fear of rejection. 

We are detangling the threads of projection. What you see in me is not who I am but how you view me through your lens of programming. What I see in you is a reflection of my programing not who you are. This is key to unraveling this energy. 

When we pause in every trigger and really think about what is truly ours and what is another’s, we break the chains of this programming. We begin to develop deep self acceptance because we will no longer take what others say and do personally. Judgment from others losses its sting. The need to be right vanishes because there is no need to justify yourself. This will heal the inner child of the abandonment wound.

Through all this polarity and separation, self love will blossom and because of that, we will be better able to see another for their actual soul light and not through our filter. This is how we fully open ourselves to see, hear, feel the beauty of another soul in their truth. Relationships become authentic. 

This shift will require commitment to be patient with each other. Let everyone express themselves however they need to as part of the healing process. The polarities are necessary for the shift and not cause for concern. Therefore, don’t get caught up in self righteousness for much is still yet to be revealed. Polarities don’t have to mean you are working against each other for even polarities have similarities. 

Light workers have suffered much persecution and what each is called to express now relates to what they have been persecuted for in the past. Many have been persecuted for having occult knowledge, for their political views or for fighting against the establishment and need to express to overcome fears of being persecuted again. This is how those timelines are cleared, individually and collectively and critical to the next phase of ascension.

Let people speak. It may not align with your truth but stop and unravel the thread of projection so that their process needn’t negatively impact you. Triggers can lead you to your own shadow. It can be overwhelming with so many doing this at once but fortunately we have built in protection with lock down to step away from everyone and go within for clarity of self when needed. Call on Kuan Yin for assistance. 

To the ego, differences are threatening but seen through the lens of the soul, differences are to be cherished for we are all creations of source. To express our individuality is the purpose of this earthly experiment.

I don’t have to agree with everything you believe to love and accept you.
You don’t have to agree with everything I believe to love and accept me.
What is not a priority on your path, might be for another so don’t judge. What you need to do for your path may not resonate with others. That doesn’t matter to who you are.

This is what unconditional love is and will create a huge shift for twin flames and those seeking sacred unions that are ready to master this. It will make interaction with your partner easier and I believe is preparing the way for more reunions.

Ultimately, differences are only an ego illusion. This is what we are dismantling in April and May.

Welcome to the Aquarian Age.

Marla x

Artwork by Danielle Nicole

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