Unplugging from the Matrix

The vision I was shown for todays Libra New Moon is we are unplugging from the Matrix.  Breaking free from the Matrix rarely happens in an instant, rather it’s done over a period of time where we begin to disengage from the fear that the Matrix uses to control and limit our consciousness.  

There are many who will begin the unplugging process this month as those in power over play their hand in last ditch efforts to control the narrative.  The more they try hide things, the more other things will pop up.  My guides are showing me the Whack-A-Mole game, where the mole pops up and you try to hit it back down into its hole only to have two more moles pop up from different holes.  Eventually, they will not be able to hold back the tide.  It will be like trying to hold water in a sieve.  

Others, who have begun the unplugging process years ago, will release those lingering fears which were still limiting varying aspects of their consciousness. What these are will be dependent on their own experience but the underlying transformation will occur in that they reclaim the entirety of what they are creating as their reality.  This requires that you see the illusion of fear for what it is and no longer allow it to influence your vibration.  

When we can no longer be influenced by fear then the Matrix must disintegrate for they have no way to exert control. This shift is going to be a game changer and will start accelerating even more the split within the dimensions as more and more claim sovereignty.  

What does it mean to be sovereign?  It means you are not being influenced by that which is outside of yourself.  In order to fully claim this all victim mentality must be disposed of.  Choosing to remain in fear will no longer be an option.

What is especially important has we head into the end of 2020, is that we remain vigilant to fear and not be taken in by it.  The Matrix is an illusory system and even though there will be many attempts to create fear and division, those that have truly unplugged must not buy into fear at any point.  You must choose to instead be the creator over riding the false reality.  

It will be important to focus on love and have unshakable trust in the universes plan to elevate all consciousness on earth.  Now is the time to be a believer and not someone that is luke warm.  We must remain firm and that means choosing to release anything that gets in the way of the preferred reality of truth and unity.  

It appears the world is upside down but you know the truth.  Many, many people are going to try and convince you otherwise but they are only secondary players.  This is your game and you are making the rules now.

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