Update for Divine Masculine’s in Karmic Relationship’s

They are trying to break free of codependency and karmic contracts.  How they view marriage is based on their parents relationship.  Many are healing issues with their fathers.  They don’t want to be their fathers because either their father wasn’t there, their fathers never validated them or their father didn’t treat their mother well.  In order for them to make the needed changes in their life they are healing father wounds.  

Others are worried about judgment from their parents, especially those strongly connected to religious institutions, if they were to end their current attachments or choose someone that their parents would deem unacceptable.  

For those that are parents, this is doubly challenging because they have committed to being the parents they wanted but never had and can’t yet see how they can have the life they desire while still being the ideal they have in their heads.

As the DM works at opening his heart, these issues are coming up and will be a part of the 10/10 gateway.  For the DM to open their hearts, it’s not just about your connection but healing all the painful experiences they have repressed for centuries.  This is very hard work!  They need to reach a certain level of clearing the repressed emotions so that they can break free of codependent patterns, most of which stems from parental relationships in this life and others.  

Many DM are also feeling the increased connections of energetic unions and desiring the reconciliation but codependency and forbidden love programming is still creating resistance to fully separating from those connections for the time being.  However, Saturn and the South Node will make their final conjunction near the Libra New Moon and once they begin to separate, then that programming will start being resolved for those DM ready for their next stage.

Divine feminine, you can help the DM by changing your own beliefs around forbidden love.  This is programing that makes you believe it’s wrong to love your twin flame, or anyone, because of a manmade contract. It is not wrong to love someone when there are no expectations placed on the love and healthy boundaries are imposed.   

Start by separating divine love from codependency or connections based on unhealed wounds.  These are not the same things.  Unconditional love seeks nothing from the other.  Indeed, unconditional love, by its very nature, is unstoppable.  The very fact that you can’t stop the feelings for the other person usually creates a lot of shameful feelings even if you aren’t asking the other person to leave their situation.  It’s very strong programming but it needs to be let go as love is not something to be controlled by ego.  We will never create healthy relationships on earth from ego.  If you feel guilt about this love then your twin will also feel guilt.    

This is where separation can help because that space that’s being created allows the other person to make decisions from their heart.  There is no expectation or pressure from the other, just holding the space of love, surrendering to whatever the other decides in the moment.  I say in the moment because situations change rapidly when energies balance and less triggers are needed.  Often the universe arranges situations so that each will have to make their own decisions without the others influence so that codependence can truly be transcended on both sides.  

Rejection and unrequited love is another emotion that must be looked at when it comes to twins in karmic situations.  Do you feel rejected because your twin flame continues to choose their karmic relationship?  The emotions of unrequited love coupled with societal pressure often leaves one in resistance, desperate to end the connection with the other because they are not being chosen.  This is another situation that will bring up feelings of guilt and shame for loving someone.  Underneath that energy is a desire to lash out and shut down because the experience of vulnerability is too painful.  To open your heart to someone is not something to be ashamed of.  If you want your twin to be vulnerable, you have to be vulnerable.  That often means facing and working through rejection wounds.  For true twin flames this is usually a momentary energy as after purging some part of the rejection wound, unconditional love returns.  

There is often a lot of past life karma involved in these situations.  Forgiveness is the fastest way to resolve it.  If there is a lot of anger or resentment towards the karmic, try using my violet flame or ho’oponopono videos envisioning your twins karmic partner (or your own if healing is still needed).  This can help transmute negative energies that might interfere with your ability to let go and allow the situation to evolve to it’s highest timeline.

Twin flames that meet when one or the other is married is possible the most difficult template to break.  There are a multitude of different fears, programs and attachments that need to be healed and worked through.  Marriage is never something to be taken lightly of course, but if a relationship has run its course and neither person is really happy or even one of the pair is not really happy, what is the point of trying to hang on for another ten, twenty or thirty years in sorrow just because one fears judgment or financial loss. It’s very tricky energy to maneuver through because the programing is so deep it’s very hard to see. 

Twin flames are leading the shift from ego driven relationships to sacred relationships.  From ego lead relationships to heart lead relationships.  Becoming a sovereign being is not easy.  It requires being tested by difficult situations.  Those who volunteered for this have to deal with a many triggers but think of the magnitude of this change and the importance of that shift in creating true and lasting love.   Have patience with your twin and the situations.

Lastly, trust and faith is so important during the upcoming three month shift between the equinox and winter solstice.  Divine feminine, stand strong in your knowing.  If you are feeling the union energies then you know it is just a matter of time before it materializes on a fully physical level.  There is no need to push or pressure.  It’s all unfolding according to divine will.  The vibration of love and joy is what you want to send out to your twin right now.  Trust them.  They will take the appropriate steps, at the appropriate time, as aligned with higher self and the collective energy.

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  1. You’re so good! I am so grateful to have found you! ♥️✨ many blessings, thank you!! ?

  2. Love this article thanks so much Marla. I am currently in a marriage and twin in LT partnership. We both have young kids same age. We’ve been friends since school over 20 yrs but became in contact again last year. We’ve discussed feelings a bit but now when I told the truth he won’t speak to me. But it’s given me the separate time to get over the feeling of rejection. I’m struggling to decide about my marriage and go with my guidance. It would hurt so many people – kids and family. My husband is a lovely man who’s stuck by me thick and thin.

    When you say union energies do you mean when you feel them with you or sometimes get a vision of you together in certain situations? I get that all the time and it’s like it’s already happened or happening!? I guess time is an illusion?

    Love this article and the post on Facebook but hard to see in 3D when your in this situation x

    1. I explain union energies in my latest video. Realize that “it would hurt so many people” is actually a story you are telling yourself. I’ve been in your position but i followed my truth and the divine guided me through every step. I’m happy, my children are happy, my ex is happy. I know many others who can vouch the same. It’s not about being with another, it’s about following your truth.

  3. I need some help as I am actually dying in pain and my heart cannot take it anymore. I’m in karmic relationship with my twin flame/ divine masculine but he’s like thousand years spiritually behind me I’m married to him but the way he has mistreated me and betrayed is beyond anything and I thought he is karmic I came to acceptance with it but my intuition and guides cannot stop telling me that he’s my one and I should hold on but he’s cheating still in other relationship has children with multiple woman, only one son with me, I’m his only wife never been married before but he neglect, abandon us our only son and seem to despise him. I want the divorce but I cannot do it. I need some help here! Thank you in advance

    1. If someone is abusing you, please leave that relationship! They may be the one but not at this point in time. Do not fear separation for it is part of the process. Leave and heal yourself. Allow him to heal himself. If and when he does, then he can return to you. Twin flames are meant to empower themselves in every way. I strongly doubt that your true 5D guides would ever tell you to stay in an abusive relationship. Check out a video I did with Keleena Malnar called “Embracing Unconditional Love” for more information on this. Thank you and best wishes!

  4. I’m so glad I found this article. I’m in a TF connection but my DM is in a karmic marriage that he really don’t want to leave. He’s not faithful at all. I finally decided to cut all ties with him and it actually was a relief. He had become a burden to me and sometimes I’m not sure I want him back. I’m confused sometimes bc I never knew TF existed. I felt like I was thrown into this and been learning about this journey only thru tarot. I’m not even sure I’m right. I can say I’ve grown a lot. But it was very painful and I’m still a little angry and disappointed about it. I guess I don’t fully understand this journey. It’s been 2 in half years. He’s still with his karmic and my heart is broken It’s been a trial and error bc I been learning what this is along the way. Hurt to the point that I’m
    Not sure sometimes how could someone whose supposed to love you treat you so bad. Beyond hurt
    Do you have an in depth explanation of this TF journey. Maybe I been doing it all wrong. One reason I told myself I held on and kept going back was bc I thought I was supposed to. If he’s my DM then I’m supposed to hold on in some capacity. I’ve since then changed that thinking but some parts of this is still unclear. Hope you can help bc I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. A lot of behaviors I guess I’m unaware of. Sometimes I don’t know I’m in a victim mentality. How can we heal something if we don’t know.

    1. It would take me along time to answer these questions. Twin flames are a complicated subject that require major shifts in consciousness to begin to understand. That said, i understand and empathize with what you are going through. Many twin flames are still with their karmic partners for many reasons. It doesn’t mean you aren’t twins but it does mean you should focus on you and work through expectations about the relationship. We often blame others for hurting us not seeing that we allowed or even enabled them to do it. People, even our twins, will take what we allow and that is a lesson to us about what we deserve, setting healthy boundaries and releasing patterns of victimization. Twins learn through their experiences how to love unconditionally while not waiting, blaming or judging but taking responsibility for their life circumstances. These are hard lessons and take time. I have many videos and articles to help. You might start with a video I did with my friend Keleena Malnar on moving into unconditional love. https://twinstrology.com/embracing-unconditional-love-with-keleena-malnar/ I also have free videos on using the violet flame and ho’oponopono to release karmic patterns in your union. I also do personal readings to help you see where your connection is and what you are both working on releasing as well as past life regression and energy work. Thank you and blessings!

  5. My heart is breaking right now because my Twin and I have been in separation for over 3 years now, and he has met someone who he’s planning to marry. I just don’t know how to handle it. I’ve done inner child healing and thought I was on my way, but this new development has devastated me. I feel like my heart is shattered into a million pieces that can never be repaired. Everyone says “focus on yourself,” but that is exactly what I have been doing. How can I heal from this? I don’t want anyone else.

    1. I’m sorry. I know how painful it is. The reason we focus on ourself is to surrender to the greater plan for our life. Only source knows when reunion will come. Moving out of the material world can bring us out of separation.

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