“Visiting the Mystery Schools” QHHT Session with Keleena and William

This is a QHHT session with Keleena Malnar and William Melchizedek of Sacred Heart Ascension. In this session, we visit the Mystery Schools and receive information regarding the ascension process; including crystal healing, ascended masters, grid activation and sacred sites.

Here is an excerpt from the session channeled by Keleena:

“This is why Earth’s ascension with the crystalline grid is going to make people feel more alive.  This is Gaia whose vibration is no longer reduced thru darkness.  Her light is activated and the crystalline grid is activated but will be activated at higher levels and frequencies as humanity can adjust.  There are those that are not able to adjust to the frequency at this moment and it will be harsh on their bodies, their mentality and their emotional processing. 

These humans will choose not to be in the earth body anymore.  They will choose death over becoming light.  This is happening currently and will continue over the next few years in this cycle.  This year will seem extreme for some with the amount of souls that choose death through the body but it is not anything to worry about.  They will return elsewhere to continue their studies, their lessons and experiences that they choose. 

Sometimes one school, such as the earth school, can be too much for those in human form that do not understand that they are there to learn to create from the light while in balance with their own darkness.  They do not understand that they can create their own harmonic frequency through their own heart.”

For information on the work of Keleena and William: http://www.KeleenaMalnar.com

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