Vows Unbroken

Long ago we made a vow,

that we would always trust one another.

We knew what lay ahead of us for in that time, 

nothing was hidden from our knowing.

Not the hard times or the challenges.

The vow was to remind us of the love we shared.

That vow has been my solace.

During wars, marriages and endless separations.

I have honored that vow.

I trust you and know you will return to me.

In many lifetimes the vow has been repeated.

Sometimes out loud as we held hands and cried at parting.

Sometimes whispered undercover as we prepared to give vows to another.

Others not of our choosing.

Sometimes we were not able to speak at all

and the vow was exchanged through a look 

or quietly exchanged through the heart.

Sometimes you had to trust me, 

my intuition and inner guidance,

even when it meant putting myself in jeopardy.

Sometimes the vow was recalled as I watched you march off to war

or far away lands.

Never fully knowing if you would return, 

I clung to that vow like a drowning man clings to a life preserver.

Even then we knew this would be the hardest lifetime.

The hardest to remember those sacred words.

The one that would challenge our trust to the very core.

I remembered as soon as I looked into your eyes.

I honor our vow still.

I trust you. 


Written in love by Marla Kelly

September 23, 2019

Artwork “Francesca and Paolo” by Sir Francis Dicksee

6 Comments on “Vows Unbroken”

  1. Beautiful Marla! In the short time I’ve known you, I’m beginning to sense a rare and immense strength….a true eternal faith, trust, grace, love and honor. It’s not merely a bright-shining facade or veneer, but deeper layers reveal even greater strength and Light. Your words inspire me to see this in you, and inspire me to continue on! Thank you!!

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