Walls (Part Two)

Walls (Part Two)

The man in the tower was fond of his work.
He thought himself quite an excellent builder.

Still, she got in. Everywhere that he turned,
he saw her ghost, her name, felt her embrace.

At night when he was still he’d hear her voice.
Praising him, comforting him with words of love.

This just won’t do, the man thought to himself.
That woman is mad. She knows nothing of who I am.

She knows nothing of my past, nor of my beliefs and vows.
She knows nothing about my many responsibilities.

So one day he set out to build a bigger wall.
Bricks and mortar he began to lay, dawn till dusk everyday.

He saw the woman as she walked by his fortress one day.
You won’t get in here, he called. I’m doubling my wall just to keep you out-ha!

Yes, I know, she called back.
I surely felt it as we are always connected.

What I don’t understand is I haven’t been trying.
I felt your walls to keep me out and out I have tried to stay.

I do love you, that is true,
but your walls have become too high and tedious for me.

Mine is not a love to be hidden away.
To be put in the dark and scorned.

My love cares not one whit for your vows or beliefs.
It is unconditional.

You see, my love is truth. My love can only set you free.
No, towers aren’t for me!

For a moment he was tempted by the thought of freedom from his walls.
But once again he felt the heavy yoke of responsibility on his shoulders.

No, thanks, he replied, I prefer it here.
Where I am free of witches and magic.

Give me solid reality and logic beneath me feet.
Not romantic notions of love. Life is not a fairytale.

Suit yourself, for I am a prize to be appreciated.
I will no longer chase you or continually struggle to breach your walls.

Know I have well and truly heard you, my lord.
Be sure of that and be careful what you wish for.

Alone again, he continued to put up his fortress.
Building another layer, he was sure, would keep this love out.

For a time all was still, no visits from the lady.
No subtle stirrings in the air from her ethereal caresses.

He actually began to miss the Lady.
He missed basking in her attention and her unshakable faith in him.

He wondered if perhaps he had gone too far?
Did he really not believe in magic? HIs heart began to ache.

But the day came when he felt her once again.
His heart quickened with joy at her return.

I felt your loneliness and heard your calls for me.
I came as quickly as I could, she said.

How did you get in? I pushed you away.
I built stronger walls, yet I still feel you come to me?

You can build your walls, she said, you can partition me in your mind,
but you will never keep me out.

Don’t you see? I reside within you.
How can you keep out something that already lives inside?

Written in love by Marla Kelly
October 22, 2017

4 Comments on “Walls (Part Two)”

  1. Wow…this is exactly what I am going through with my twin…how did you know ? Thanks. Very touching.

  2. What a wonderful poem, Marla! … and yes I also recognize myself and situation in it. Thanks for sharing. With best wishes from the Netherlands.. <3

  3. Me and my twin broke up about a month ago. We still talk but all she talks about I’d going out to party and that sleeping with another person helped her get over me and wants to be friends still. Is it ok for me to stop communicating? I told her I needed space but I feel bad for it. Why is that the only things she wants to talk about

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