I know what you tell yourself,
“She has abandoned me..”
You use these words has an excuse
to fortify your defenses
The darkness you dwell in
has deluded your senses
You have abandoned yourself
by keeping me out due to fear
You hide behind walls 10 feet thick
Those walls which you believe keep you safe
also keep you cold and alone
Peek out through the eye hole
I am there beyond the walls
you barricade yourself behind
Once I caught an unguarded glimpse
of the man behind the wall
It was fleeting but powerful
I am forever longing to see him again
I used to try and sand the walls away
slowly and gently with a file
The reverse of a man trying to escape his prison
I was trying to enter yours,ever so quietly
so as not to sound the alarm
I tried with ladder and rope
to breach your defenses,
you poured boiling water down the walls
to chase me away
When that folly failed me,
I tried to blow the walls apart with dynamite
You retreated further within
I pounded, kicked and screamed at those walls
all to no avail
A lesser woman might run from such a challenge
But having once glimpsed the truth of who you are
I am not afraid of you
I have not abandoned you,
you refuse to let me in
I have only retreated to a safe distance
Time after time you have shown me
that you are in control
That only you have the power to open the gate
and allow me inside
I cannot hand you the answers
you must find them for yourself
You must choose to let in a crack of sunlight
to chase your darkness away
Look out the window of the turret
you dwell in
I am there, in the fields
enjoying the light of the sun,
finding flower after flower
and weaving them into crowns
I have angels and fairies for company
They whisper in my ear,
“Have faith for one day
he will tire of the monotony of the dark
and open the gate of his heart to you,
for love permeates all our defenses”

Written in love by Marla Kelly

Artwork: Thisbe by J.W. Waterhouse

7 Comments on “Walls”

  1. That is so lovely and so very true Marla.

    Clearly giving all credit to you – may I copy and paste it on my FB page?

    Much Love,

    Anita xxx <3 <3 <3.

  2. That is sooo Beautiful almost made me cry…it is exactly what I have been going through for 4 years now! Definitely hits home 🙁 Love You and your work Marla! You are Definitely a Blessing for me! <3 Love & Light <3

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