The Way Out Is In: Navigating the Solar Eclipse in Aquarius

Divine intervention through the black moon solar eclipse in Aquarius is helping us reclaim our shadow self and soul fragments to empower us and propel us forward into new beginnings. Your focus is best used on self right now to make the most of this energy. Nurture self. Love yourself. This time frame can help you see how others are mirroring your fears. Want to change how others are reacting to you? Change yourself. This is very useful now with your twin. You have the universes assistance to show you how your twin is mirroring your fears. Dig deep and walk through your fears. Practice good energy care by grounding, clearing and shielding yourself everyday. Cut cords (I have an article on cutting cords on my website). Use the violet flame, ho’oponopono or some other karma clearing technique to release the past.

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