We Are In This Together

It’s important to remember when we go through times of deep healing and purging like this that we are all in this together!

Many want to know, am I feeling my twins purging? Yes, you most likely are BUT this is likely to bring up your own purging. Often you will know that you are feeling something that isn’t yours but let that feeling take you down the road of your own thoughts and what might you learn from what you are feeling?

Yes, the masculine is purging but has I stated before, we ALL have masculine energy within that is being healed. If you are a female it’s time to consider your own thoughts about masculine energy. Do you feel that men don’t support you? Use you? Control you? What are ways you still judge your masculine partner and how do you project your inner beliefs about masculine energy onto them? This will affect your inner masculine. In this way twins work as a team clearing these energies even if you don’t have proof of it.

Don’t forget, the masculine is purging because society is ready as a collective to purge old, karmic masculine energy. You and your twin are not in a vacuum. Twin flames have a huge role to play in shifting the collective energy. Think of three pieces, the feminine, masculine and collective energies, all braided together into one strand. That is how we operate, separate but one.

Most twin flames are tied to the collective to assist in this shifting. This is one of the reasons why things happen the way they do and how divine timing is at work. Your primary role here is to assist in the ascension. Your situation is playing out the way it is because of this process. It can be hard to remember but you can’t blame your twin for everything because in many cases they are on this collective “timer” if you will. As with all purging processes, it has to be done in layers and not done too quickly. We can only shed things when the energy, and we has a cohesive group, are ready to move to the next level.

What is a good way to handle this?

~When you feel the clearing, whether it be a trigger, emotions or something physical such as chakra imbalances or illness, remind yourself that you are just going through a clearing.

~Know you are clearing in partnership with your other half. Even if you feel the energy is coming from them, ask what it is you can learn from this.

~At times you may feel sensations such as your twin pull away or feel as if you are in a state of detachment. Try not to take this personally and remind yourself of the times you have directed such energy towards them. It’s part of the process. Detachment happens for just this reason, so the other person is not dragged down at times of extreme inner crisis.

~Try not to get your ego involved. As stated above, don’t take it personally! Purging is designed to assist the collective.

~Don’t judge what comes up. Feel it and let it pass. You are not your emotions. Your twin is not their emotions. You have taken on harsh templates to purge them from the collective and these issues, be it abuse, addiction, depression, abandonment, etc…don’t define you. You are souls who at your base is pure love.

~Remind yourself that these are collective energies and that many, many people are feeling it. You are not alone!

~Stay focused on your intentions and what you know in your heart to be true. I’m not going to lie, this is challenging when you are deep in a purge! Write something out to yourself when you are in a good place to remind yourself to keep the faith! This to shall pass.

~Try and connect with a TF buddy that can help you at these times.

~Nurture yourself in every way. You are working hard and you deserve it!

~Salt baths, sage and paulo santo can help cleanse energy as well as dark colored crystals (smokey quartz, obsidian, black tourmaline, hematite, apache tears just to name a few).

~Drinking water helps shift the energy in your body, cleansing it from inside.

This is not an easy time for anyone but we all are working on this together. And amazing work it is! We are shifting the energy of the planet. Thank you for your service. <3 Love, Marla x

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