You’re Safe With Me

If there’s one thing that I could say,

It would be that you’re safe with me.

I cannot promise that I’ll never say something

That doesn’t cut you to the core

I’m your reflection, so I must send back that which needs to heal

But I will hold your hand as you do

I’ll remind you that it’s just a fear

I’ll hold the lantern for you

As you transverse the dark path to freedom

To remind you, I’m waiting on the other side

And you will see if you find the courage 

To walk the path and heal the wound

That it makes us stronger 

I don’t trigger these things to make you a better man for me

You are already my dream come true

I want you to heal the pain

So you will love yourself

Then you can feel more of my love for you

I will be patient though

I know why you protect that heart in your chest so dearly,

It once belonged to me

But I gave it to you for safe keeping 

As you did give me yours

Thank you for holding the lantern for me

So I could set your heart free

Now I ask that you walk towards the light

And free mine for me.

Written by Marla Kelly

October 9, 2016 All Rights Reserves

Artwork “Love Among the Ruins” by Edward Barnes-Jones

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