If You’re a Twin Flame, You’re in Union!

As a twin flame, lots of conversations revolve around whether or not you are “in union”. Visit any FB group and there is plenty of talk about not being in union and asking each other, “Are you in union?” “How do I get to union?” “When will I get to union?” “I can’t start my mission because I’m not in union.” Union is the holy grail of twin flames and when people claim to reach union, they can appear to have some magical quality about them.

Please, drop this now. If you are a twin flame, you ARE in union. Lets start believing this in 2016. All this talk of not being in union and holding it up as some exalted and unreachable state is creating a level of consciousness that perpetuates its illusiveness.

Ask any twin and they will have several stories about ways they have felt their twin in spirit. One of the main parts of our mission, is becoming a multidimensional being. That means recognizing that you are constantly exchanging energy with your twin flame. You feel each other continuously. You help each other all day in ways that can’t be perceived with the mind but can be when you quietly tune into your heart. Close your eyes and let go beliefs that are keeping you in a state of separation. Your twin is there for you, whenever you call on them.

Do you feel them? Now congratulate yourself on reaching twin flame union! I knew you could do it

One Comment on “If You’re a Twin Flame, You’re in Union!”

  1. That’s exactly that!!!!!! We just realized, two hours ago, with a friend of mine!
    We already are in union, and thanks for the synchronization!

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