Goddess Circle November 19, 2017

 Join Marla Kelly and Naglaa Elshamy for “Empowering Your Inner Goddess” Sunday, November 19, 2017 1-5 pm Shrewsbury, MA $44 space is limited contact us at www.MarlaKelly.com www.Soulsspeak.com

Twin Flames Together Boston October 6-8

I am proud to announce that I will be participating in the next Twin Flames Together Workshop organized by Dio Vesselinov, along with Naglaa El Shamy and Donna Fisher. This time we will travel to Waltham, Massachusetts which is about 30 minutes from Boston. The dates for this event are October 6-8. I had such a fantastic time at the … Read More

Twin Flames Together~Chicago

Join me, Marla Kelly, and Dio Vesselinov, Keleena Malnar, Debbie DuBoise, Naglaa El Shamy and Terri Wilson for a 3 day event of shifting vibrations! This is a workshop for anyone on the path of Ascension but specifically for those traveling the path through the twin flame or divine partnership template. There are no structured lectures as this workshop will … Read More