Transmission from John Lennon

“You know that Yoko and I are twin flames. We (John and Yoko) have set up templates within the earth grid for the current changes being created by twin flames. We are helping you. We traveled all around the world anchoring energy for twins to bring in peace. I knew this change wouldn’t happen in my lifetime and that I … Read More

Isis Transmission: 2022 Year of Free Will

Greetings. We invite you to feel the frequency of this transmission. We wish to speak to you about the changes that are occurring on earth at this time. We are pleased with the progress you have made. The change in 2022, is the change to a fully functional free will version of reality. Over the last several years, the karmic … Read More

“Queen of His Heart”

It feels so long ago, yet time does repeat, Where feet of today do still tread the streets, In a sacred place that is surprisingly near, And eyes still look upon that place held so dear. There a man enthroned the queen of his romantic heart, Thus forever recognizing her as his heaven sent counter-part. Twice did he coronate her … Read More