Astrology Update: Embrace Change

Happy 11/1/11!

If we added all the ones we would get 5, the number of change and change is figuring very prominently throughout November (11/11). We just can’t continue with the status quo right now and the astrology is pushing us to break through our own personal barriers.

Over the next several weeks we can expect intense light codes. These codes are rewriting our DNA as we release karmic patterns. We are not only anchoring these new codes here on this timeline but in our other timelines, too. To make the most of this opportunity, focus on expanding beyond your previous limitations in every area that you can in order to break the karmic cycles. The old beliefs just don’t resonate anymore leading us to new choices. Whenever we chose something new, it opens our energy field to new timelines.

Astrologically, we continue with the fixed cross until November 6, when both Uranus and the Nodes shift into the cardinal signs Aries, Cancer and Capricorn, shifting it into a cardinal cross. The fixed signs don’t make changes easily but the cardinal signs do, as cardinal is the energy of new beginnings. This is shifting the energy from feeling stuck to feeling the need to take action. Many of you are already feeling this shift and making changes.

Uranus was transiting Aries since 2010 teaching us how to be individuals, set healthy boundaries and develop the courage needed to be the spiritual warriors we came here to be. This is the last time Uranus will be in Aries for 76 years. This is the final exam for the work you have done and what a test it is!

Currently, Uranus is the focal point of a yod with Jupiter and Pallas, making it really difficult not to see the truth of your patterns and projections. Uranus’ dip back into Aries is important for light workers because his transit in Taurus is forcing us to deal with some very ingrained past life patterns and we need the reminder that we actually have developed the courage we need to break these. At the same time, Mars and Venus retrogrades were also in the fixed signs of Aquarius and Scorpio and dealing with very deep seated karmic patterns based in trauma and loss.

Uranus has been square the Nodes since Mars went retrograde in June and through eclipse season. The last six months has been preparing us to make our current shifts. In order to move forward in our ascension process, we need to clear these karmic stories, or timelines, so we can get to the zero point reset I talked about in my Taurus Full Moon article.

Venus Rx in Libra is bringing the focus to relationships but with the opposition to Uranus in Aries and the Nodal square, it’s our ability to choose ourselves over relationships that the universe wants us to focus on. Venus opposite Uranus wants freedom. The lesson for light workers is its time to be you regardless of what other people want. Of course, that doesn’t mean we are going to walk all over others, it means that we have to gain the courage to break away from what other people want because we are here on a mission of change!

As long as we keep allowing our relationships with others, and Libra is all partners not just romantic partners, to limit us out of fear of being abandoned, labeled as different or stuck in codependent patterns, we can’t bring about the necessary shift. It’s actually when we realize we are all one and move past previous conditioning that the proper relationships align with us, otherwise fear creates resistance. Balancing this energy is important for the future because as we raise the levels of love on the planet, we have to change the beliefs of what love is otherwise we will just be increasing codependent patterns.

You may find that these patterns are suddenly revisiting you, don’t get discouraged, it doesn’t mean it won’t leave, it’s just giving you another opportunity to make a different choice. So expand, expand, expand with every opportunity because each time you do, you are attracting more options to show up. New beginnings are here if we can open up enough to allow things to manifest.

Because this month is a master number 11 and the year, 2018 equals master number 11, we will be receiving many activations and opportunities this month. I wrote an article in June about synchronicities of number sequences related to ones combined with other numbers. I am reposting it here in case it resonates with anyone who is seeing these numbers. I have been experiencing them frequently.

(From June 2018)

Are you seeing synchronistic number codes that contain 1? Number 1 vibrates with the energy of creation, manifestation, beginnings and independence and activates that energy when it is alone or in combination with other numbers. I have found that these number signs, which carry codes to help you align, are increasing and will increase over the next three months.

These numbers have become so prevalent, that I decided to look deeper into the energy behind them. Some of these meanings may align with other teachings out there and some do not. The energy that is being carried in the numbers can change depending on the shifts we are experiencing. There are also variances between our experiences so some may resonate and some may not, take what is applicable to your own journey.

They can form any combination of the following and include 0, too.

11, 111, 1111…..
We are all one. You are loved. Stay in the present moment.

12 combinations (211,221,122,112 and on)
Be open to new knowledge. Your perceptions are changing. Old patterns are being released. Karma is clearing.

13 combinations (311,331,133,113 and on)
Trust your inner wisdom. You have the knowledge you seek. Follow your own path. You are a leader.

14 combinations (411,441,144,114 and on)
Send out your intentions. You are co-creating with the universe. Have faith that we have heard your request and are assisting you. The universe is just.

15 combinations (511,551,155,115 and on)
Release your fears. Stand strong. Love yourself. Speak your truth.

16 combinations (611,661,166,116 and on)
Others may not be supporting you. Set boundaries and embrace your independence without needing to create an argument. You have control in your life.

17 combinations (711,771,177,117 and on)
Magic is occurring through the alignment of circumstances. You are supported. Thoughts can become reality so stay aligned. (I associate 17 combinations as union numbers and have previously written a post on this. This is still true as it is reminding us that circumstances are aligning but pay attention to your thoughts when you see this number as they are manifesting.)

18 combinations (811,881,188,118 and on)
You are a divine being of light who is connected with the infinite field of potentiality.

19 combinations (911,991,199,119 and on)
Abundance is flowing to you, be open to receiving it. You are being guided.

I will being doing frequent updates this month through articles and videos as the astrological shifts come up.

Love and blessings,
Marla Kelly
Astrologer and Channel at Twinstrology

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  1. Dear Marla, I awake this Nov.6th having done major healing during my sleep of karmic patterns brought forward in my dreams. It’s a major cleanup manifesting physically and spiritually concerning personal clash with patriarchy as a pattern this lifetime. This synchronizing with current planetary alignments of Venus and Ceres in Libra, the Nodes changing to Cardinal, the moon being VOC (void of course). Omg you can’t makes this stuff up! I’m in my 70th year and am grateful that it’s never too late to be healed and insodoing, healing Earth. With gratitude, Sally

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