The Divine Masculine Are Facing Their Shadow: Abandonment of the Feminine

As we head into the 1/11/11 Gateway a shadow aspect of the divine masculine is being brought up for healing. This has to do with the DM abandonment of the DF. The DM is facing guilt and shame around around their inability to protect the DF in this life or other lifetimes. We must remember that the DM also suffered and was weakened by the patriarchy. If you are the DF you may be dealing with feelings of abandonment or inaction by the masculine. It’s time to let it go, forgive each other and create space for the growth of the DM and union. Forgiving the DM will also empower your inner masculine energy.

Let me just make a few things clear….this is the DM hitting rock bottom and they need to hit it. To feel helpless so they can come back. Second, we all have both energies within as I’m sure most of you know by now, as the DM has abandoned the DF, your inner DM as also abandoned you at times. When have YOU felt powerless to take action or to stand up for yourself? When have you sought protection from outside of yourself instead of within? The DM has also abandoned their inner DF, they have not honored their intuition or their heart due to patriarchal templates. WE ARE ONE. Forgive yourself and forgive them. The masculine will rise above this, starting with your inner masculine, as you become more empowered. This in turn strengths us all. We can’t be separated so there is no point holding on to blame!

4 Comments on “The Divine Masculine Are Facing Their Shadow: Abandonment of the Feminine”

  1. Thank you, you described exactly how I was feeling and it was really helpful to hear this, and to be able to work with it. Thank you for taking the time to share your messages. With love, x

  2. Thank you as always for your wisdom and clarity. It’s so hard to know what to do when I feel my DM is suffering and my first desire is to reach out and check in and offer support. I really appreciate the reminder to tend to my inner DM instead — a much healthier choice to make on my own behalf.

  3. Thank-you Marla! I am feeling Exactly as you described, anger, frustration and huge distrust. So I will use most of your suggestions, (it’s a little hard to ground in 2 feet of snow:) I will let this go. Your messages help me somehow find balance in such a very Challenging situation, and give me hope when I am feeling despair. I so appreciate your messages!

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