“Looking For A Way To You” 11/11 Twin Flame Reading

Amazing reading for this 11/11 portal! Our DM side is working thru fear in order to make their way back. DM is still waiting for clarity and certain “pieces of the puzzle” to be shown to them. Our DF side is “leading the way” thru increase in her light. The energy is creating more balance, less separation, and removing defenses.

3 Comments on ““Looking For A Way To You” 11/11 Twin Flame Reading”

  1. So, when I was watching your video I accidentally stopped it at 2:22. Would you share your opinion about its meaning with me?

    1. Hello, I subscribe this meaning to 222 “You are doing well. You are on the right path. The universe is helping things align.” That said, numbers can have different meanings for different people and even at different times. Thanks for the comment.

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