Patience is perhaps the greatest spiritual gifts we are given yet many overlook it’s importance. In the day and age of having every whim fulfilled almost as quickly as we can think it, what good is patience?

The ego wants everything now and when it doesn’t get it there’s frustration and fear. What if that thing leaves or I don’t get what I want? The ego wants to create a lot of drama when it doesn’t get that immediate gratification.

The soul on the other hand, is timeless. Nothing need be done in hurry. Everything happens when it should so why run around chasing and grasping? 

When we are transforming away from ego and into our true spiritual self, there are many lessons in patience. These can trigger us deeply. Yet, as long as we remain in the energy of “I need it now” or “I need things to be different now,” we are held back in the drama of ego. There is no way to feel fulfilled or happy in that consciousness and indeed, depression and anxiety can stem from such feelings.

When we learn the gift of patience through waiting, we learn to be happy right now! We see the magic in the moment. There’s no need to rush ahead into some different circumstance.  

We’ve all had lessons when we rush to get through something and don’t do our best job. Or we want something right away so we accept something of inferior quality just to have it rather than waiting better. It’s like the difference between a massed produced poster and a work of art in a museum. 

God doesn’t want your life to inferior. God wants your life to be a work of art and art takes time to create. You are not being punished and your prayers are not going unheard! When you learn to love who you are, where you are and what you have, RIGHT NOW, then you are closing the door on the inferior and opening a door to the superior! So embrace patience. Everything will show up in the exact moment you are ready to receive it!


Marla x

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