Shaming Is Not the Answer

Shame. Every human suffers as a consequence of it being placed upon them yet we can’t seem to stop projecting shame onto others thereby perpetuating a broken cycle. Shame is detrimental to the soul. The associated painful emotions; embarrassment, guilt, fear and defensiveness, just to name a few, effectively reinforce the ego. The stronger the ego is, the harder time the soul has shining through.

In this heightened reality shame is being used more and more. In a society that purports an intent to “live and let live,” why are we resorting to shaming others? The truth is, this is happening on a deeply subconscious level. Those associated painful emotions that I listed above can trigger us into old patterns where shaming is a means of control.

Our souls have experienced lifetimes of shame! Shame has been used to control us for eons. We are shamed for simply existing in a state of sin. Breaking any number of social conventions could lead to extreme shame experiences where one is shunned from society, locked away, excommunicated or even put to death. Is it any wonder we subconsciously react so strongly to the influences of shame, both receiving it and using it?

We need to awaken, as a society, to how we are shaming others in order to force our will on them. Is it a coincidence that has the ascension process gets stronger and stronger, the more we see shame being used as a tactic? Fear can easily activate our ego and lead us back into a state of spiritual sleep. In this state, fear leads us to attack and defend however we can.

What is interesting is that both sides of our very polarized society can, and does, use shaming. Whether or not you are wearing something on your face or sticking something in your arm has become a minefield. We hear cries of “You’re killing people!” to “Stop being a sheep!” People who preach all day long that you shouldn’t shame for age, weight, disability, color, sexual orientation, etc…etc…have no problem pulling out every shaming tactic available if they see someone not covering their mouth. Similarly, those that espouse freedom to choose can get just as vicious if someone they know decides they want to get something put into their arm.

Sadly, this is effecting our children most! Shame and embarrassment have a tremendous impact during childhood and adolescence. I’ve seen first hand and heard many stories of how our children are being impacted. They are internalizing the belief that they may at any time, even unknowingly, cause someone to get sick. I’ve seen children so afraid to take their face covering off-in perfectly acceptable situations-they break down in tears. This will have far reaching consequences into mental and spiritual health if we don’t stop it. We are inadvertently creating a society of people with PTSD and OCD. It doesn’t need to be this way!

We are at a watershed moment for humanity. Which way are we going to go? Will we evolve, embracing our souls innate power or degenerate deeper into egoic illusions? Stop and take a step back. Look at the big picture. What is this really about? It isn’t what it appears to be on the surface. We all came here to advance our souls and we knew that meant facing trials. Trials are meant to challenge our world view and shake us out of our slumber. Trials, if not over come can lead us deeper into fear.

We have all chosen a path of experience. That is all it is. When you are aligned with your soul, every experience is to be surrendered to, not resisted. It’s called living in the present. First, we learn how to surrender control of our own experience, then we learn how to surrender control of OTHER peoples experience. If someone wants to stick something in their arm, that is their souls path. If someone doesn’t, that is their souls path. This issue that we are facing has more to do with humanities evolution than a health issue and it will persist until it leads us as a society into a balanced state of compassion and freedom.

4 Comments on “Shaming Is Not the Answer”

  1. Perfect, Marla! My anxiety over all of this is off the charts at the moment, but I’m working on it. This helped ?

  2. You’ve brought up some very good points here, Marla. Thanks. It’s up to each of us to remain grounded and rational. Take nature walks, swim in the ocean or creeks, plant a garden or even just go up on the roof and get space. It really works to help keep one’s reality positive. Thanks again for all you do for our community.??

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