Spring Equinox & Libra Full Moon Twin Flame Energy Update

The Spring Equinox is the half way point of an energy activation that started at the Winter Solstice and continues to the Summer Solstice. The third eye activations we experienced around Mercury Rx has us looking deeper into ourself for deep realizations and healing. This is necessary for manifestations of mission and union, especially union because of the intense mirroring that is going on between twins. The Libra Full Moon makes and exact opposition/conjunction with Venus and Chiron which indicates deep exploration of our love wounds and removing more of our armor.

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This deck was designed specifically for twin flames, soul mates, divine counterparts or anyone that would like to attract a high vibrational relationship. This 122 card deck is organized into 11 suits of 11 cards plus a bonus UNION card.♥️♾?

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