QHHT Healing Sessions with Marla

What is QHHT?  Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy was developed by the late hypnotherapist and author Dolores Canon, who researched past life regression through hypnosis for 50 years.  QHHT can take you into the somnambulistic state of deep trance where you can connect with your past lives. QHHT has several stages that we will move thru.  The first stage is the … Read More

Healing the Separation Wound

Last year twin flames began to shift old timelines that reinforced separation programming. Both masculine and feminine have repressed emotions blocking the heart chakra. For the masculine, the emotional block is guilt. They blame themselves for past lifetimes of grief and loss making them subconsciously resistant to union. For the feminine, the emotional block was betrayal. While on the surface … Read More

Expanding Energy Field: 777 Portal and Capricorn Full Moon

Are you ready for more Sirius shifts? It’s been an intense year but July is likely to prove the most intense so far. It promises to be filled with highs and lows but if we can maintain a focus on the highs, it will make the lows more manageable.  You might be wondering what the heck is going on this … Read More