How Do I Know If They Are My Twin Flame?

One question I see over and over again in twin flame groups is, “How do I know I have met my twin flame?”

Undoubtably, there will be many responses to this question in variations of this answer, “You know in your heart.”


And no.

In most cases, when you first meet your twin flame, you are not in your heart. You are still being controlled by your ego and your ego is going to have serious doubts. The purpose of your ego is to keep you safe and meeting your twin flame can trigger many fears that make you feel unsafe and tell you to run away from this person who you feel a crazy amount of love for.

Everyone’s journey is different. Some people might move into their heart space relatively quickly but in most cases, there is quite a bit to be purged out before you build the confidence to trust your inner knowing completely.

Until then, it is more than likely that ego is going to create doubts in you. You may go back and forth in your mind, is he/she or isn’t he/she the one? On days when you are feeling the connection you won’t question much but then triggers will come that could send you into a tailspin of insecurities and have you asking the question that every single twin flame has asked themselves, “Am I crazy?” Feeling crazy is part of the process. It drives you deeper within for answers.

One of the biggest challenges on the twin flame path is trusting in your own intuition. Questioning if you are twin flames is one way spirit leads you down the path of trust and faith. You aren’t meant to have this question come easy! It’s meant to force you to question what you previous thought about relationships and just about everything else in your life.

In many case, there are also circumstances in your life that make you question the connection even more. A big one is being married to someone else when you meet your twin. Your ego is likely to put up a major fight in scenarios like this because it isn’t congruent with how you saw your life and yourself. You likely never expected to have feelings for anyone other than your spouse and that is going to bring up many unexpected and painful thoughts.

The inner confusion leads many to turn to psychics for answers. While psychics are there for help and guidance they are not a replacement for following your own knowing. I say this even though I am a reader myself. I help my clients to build their own intuition and not depend on me.

A large part of the twin flame journey is being able to access your own inner guidance and until you do you’ll experience lessons around it. If you are depending too much on outside information there is likely to come a time when you go to a reader or healer who tells you that they aren’t your twin or that you aren’t meant to be together. These situations are created to force you back into yourself for answers.

So are they your twin or not? Ultimately, only you and your twin can answer that. Living with the not knowing is all part of the magical process that sends you looking for answers and connecting with the right information and people just when you need it most. As you heal and clear old programs, the voice of your heart will get louder and louder until you surrender to the truth. Then you will hear the answer in your heart loud and clear.

7 Comments on “How Do I Know If They Are My Twin Flame?”

  1. Yes Yes Yes!!! I was going crazy running round like a chicken with its head cut off lol looking for answers from readings but have finally came to the point where I’m just like ‘Is what it is’ and that what is meant for me will be cause I know I have been working damn hard on this journey something has to be at the top of that mountain for me 🙂 Even if the one that I think is my TF really isn’t I am still thankful for the experience cause I have evolved so much and I am not going back! Only forward! Thank you for your kind words and knowledge love and light.

  2. I have this with one guy I have I initially met in 1999 then by accident in 2003 at that time when we left we both felt weird now we had blocked each other. There is another guy that really came out of no where I can’t remember what year it had started I worked indirectly with him and I really don’t remember when he left either all I know is I did too shortly after this guy is married ( currently I don’t know) I can remember I saw right through his soul and he did not like that at all I didn’t do it on purpose but every time I thought of him he was around me in minutes I thought wow this is so cool because I can’t do this with anyone else he can read my thoughts perfect. As much as I meditate and open my heart I have no idea which one is the twin

  3. Marla, these are the sanest and most supportive words I’ve ever read in answer to this question. So empowering and encouraging. Thank you.

  4. Dear Marla, meeting your TF I think is meant to open your heart to another kind of love, is meant to rethink your values and learn, learn learn! Especially to learn yourself better. I have no idea your TF is going through the same process, but I think the TF feels the same uncertainty. The whole process is taking place in the so-called 5-d dimension and only a glimpse can be felt in normal life, like suddenly feel as if you are in a circle of light or feel as if you are in an other time and place. It feels like unsolved magic. Maybe it is meant to stay a beautiful secret. Love Anna

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