Why Letting Go Is Unconditional Love

Many say they love their twin flame unconditionally.

The majority of people don’t believe in unconditional love. The closest thing we can experience to it is the love of parent and child but even this usually falls short. Especially as we get older, the expectations between parent and child grow. Whenever expectations exist, love is not truly unconditional.

If your twin flame doesn’t believe in unconditional love or doesn’t feel they are worthy of unconditional love, they can’t accept your love from you. It doesn’t matter what we say to try and prove it to them or how often we prostrate ourselves before them. If it is outside of their experience how can they fully accept it?

They will still think you want something from them. That you have expectations of them and that ultimately they will not be able to meet your expectations and you will leave and hurt them. In truth, there usually are expectations when we are trying to “prove” our love to them. The expectation is that if they see how much fire we are willing to walk through for them, they will choose us. True love does not need to be proven. It just is.

It isn’t until we fully let them go that we are showing them unconditional love. If they want to be with someone else, allow them to do that. If they want to run away from you, allow them to do that. No expectations. You are just letting them be and accepting them there. Yes, it is likely you will hurt like hell at first but this is how you also learn unconditional love. Regardless of how much hurt and anger we go through, the love always comes back. This is the twin flame super power.

Your twin may not even understand this at first. They may think that you no longer care about them when you stop chasing and start allowing because they still equate love with expectations. You are teaching them that unconditional love does exist and eventually they will understand that you allowing them the space to be whatever they want is the ultimate expression of your love and acceptance of them.

Written with love
Marla Kelly

7 Comments on “Why Letting Go Is Unconditional Love”

  1. Just discovered this site. The 3rd paragraph is very true for my twin and I. He actually said the same thing about my having expectations he was afraid he would not be able to successfully fulfill. And yes I think I do try to prove my love to him. Very helpful article. Thank you.

  2. Hey I just wanted to say that I have let my twin flame go and I feel very free and much better about myself ??

  3. My TF is crushed over another who just broke his heart..meanwhile I’m going through the same feelings bcuz I’m sad he doesn’t see/recognize or remember me.. It seems like ,& feels like he doesn’t care about me at all & never did, tho he says otherwise. I feel like a fool regardless. I wanted it 2b him, but he wants her. Even though we were just talking a few short wks ago. (come to find out they were supposedly already linked up/in a relationship) so, makes no sense to me why he’s soo upset over her, when he was just talking to me while he was with her, but now I don’t even seem to exist to him at all. I love him unconditionally though, & I do know that 2b my absolute truth through this journey , that I seem 2b on & going through alone.. He’s literally the 0nly person I don’t “Split” on, due to my BPD. Which I find very interesting. But I’m letting go now. & No expectations at all..nope.. just Unconditional love. As it has been.. from a distance .

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