Moving Past 3D Verification

One of the most difficult parts of the twin flame journey is having no 3d verification for anything you are being shown from your intuition. Often, those with the highest calling have the least amount of physical confirmation. Why is that?

It is the very lack of 3d confirmation that pushes you deeper into your heart, which in turn connects you with your multidimensionality. It’s a constant tug of war between your head and your heart. This is NOT a journey for the faint-hearted. The process of ascension demands that we connect with our multidimensionality because if we limited ourselves to this 3d reality, we wouldn’t expand enough to ascend.

Connecting with your multidimensionality means connecting with your twin in the astral realm, in the 5d and remembering past (alternate) lifetimes. Anywhere that is not in the physical realm, meaning your twin flame is not there in front of you. Your psychic abilities are also multidimensional because they connect you with energy beyond space and time. You need to trust your psychic senses and this is why you get tested.

One example of this is when you have prophetic dreams about your twin. Twins often deliver messages in dreams and tell you what is going on in their life even when they aren’t speaking to you in 3d. The logical mind will tell you not to trust them but I’ve worked with many twins and I’ve seen these dreams get confirmed days, weeks, months and even years later. Similarly, your twin can give you telepathic messages to explain what they are feeling.

This is spirits way of guiding you to expand beyond the 3d realm. Can you see how having a 3d relationship with your twin from day one might stifle the growth of your multidimensionality while being in separation forces both of you to wake and grow beyond your previous capabilities? Trusting in this part of the process is vital.

There are many people out there that claim to want to get you into union as quickly as possible and make you believe that there is something wrong with you if you haven’t made physical union with your twin flame but they are ignoring the fact that separation can play a vital role in the ascension process. This probably isn’t what you want to hear but it can free you from feeling like you are missing the boat somewhere.

As I said, many that have the hardest path have extended periods of separation with no physical confirmation. Often everything in your physical reality suggests your intuition is wrong. There are many times you want to give up but that is when the dreams come, the visions, the psychic messages, the signs and sychronicities that just can’t be explained and every once in a while, just when you are ready to give up, you will be given a confirmation.

Everything has a purpose on this journey. Right now you are likely being tested in your trust of your 5d senses to see if you are ready to advance. It’s all part of the initiation process. Remember it isn’t just you, but your twin as to be ready to advance, too. Yes, you are a team, what one goes through so does the other, even if you aren’t getting any confirmation in 3d.


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  1. This IS indeed difficult Marla.
    Because when we wish to get away from things completely… a force lager than us stops us and shows us visions and asks us to stay put on the path. And we follow the intuition…and then there is nothing happening on the physical plane and we feel… ” Why am i even asked to stay put on this path ? Hell… i want freedom from this “. Then a large battle ensues within. And we go round and round in circles, then finally succumb to that force. It is indeed a very difficult thing.

    I keep getting these visions of me and the man in enlightened states, great love, bliss and joy… as two energies entwined around each other …and the atmosphere that we have created around is “heaven”…and we are entwined around in great contentment and bliss.
    I try hard to ignore and just be… But i keep getting told that this IS what it is.. and i cannot run away from it.
    It is really messy Marla 😀 :D.

    1. So so true. Im confused on this journey. Its like we are in relationship but not. I have tried to separate several times and each time some force takes over to make me contact him. Last separation I was so happy, thinking finally made it,after 48hrs i was low energy, pining, crying and then he messaged me and I replied. We always get back into a form of relationship after these separations. I heal something, he has a realisation of something and its like we were both learning something. Im struggling to find balance. I feel
      Guilty when we hang because so much separation is spoken about so i feel bad to be enjoying him but yet im in a position most other tf would love to have, in communication with physical intimacy.

  2. Really needed to hear this Marla,, yes it is really difficult when your twinflame is in a marriage with a teenager daughter.. and he has to think millions of times before even just calling once to the one he once wanted the most…. & Now fears to even call once in an year.. ??

  3. I believe a vision last night means something extrordinary is hapening to he and I.
    I saw and felt him giving energy to a woman who was mocking me with her grin as he pressed against her… Fully giving his energy to her… I tried to stop it.. Tried pulling them apart with all my strength. And failed. I awoke feeling disheartened and frightened to lose him. It has botheted me all day. I feel cheated and this woman is haunting me.

  4. Hi Marla,

    I have come across a group discussing Twin Flames and I am really interested in finding out more information about my own.

    South Africa

  5. Tears. Just tears. IVE EVOLVED into a such a level until IHAVE to allow my Human “trauma of believing time”. Thank you so much for being MY physical confirmation at just the right time.

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  7. Hi Marla!
    A friend sent me this with the words: this is for you! and so it is … there is a lot of knowing and the less I check in the physical for confirmations the more peace it brings me and i just accept what is, and stop fighting it so much since i dont double check and fall on that note.
    Ive also for a long time have been stopped from asking anyone outside myself for confirmation and readings to check on how things really stand this is as you say not for the fainted hearted and it is a great lesson in faith.
    i am at peace and he tells me how he is and what he is dealing with i also turn up around him and support him with my energy when i am called to do so also around his children. its really just a very beautiful partnership and the less i know about 3D the clearer the picture of us as divine partners working together is. So many months ago i stopped checking in on him and it truly has made me happier and at peace. so much so that i am not tempted anymore. you may say i get the best part of this relationship now. although i also get the sorrow and the longing on his part …. and then all the love too. its a beautiful journey and the hardship faints in light of the gifts of this love. its all good … thank you for your input lots of love and a merry christmas. <3

  8. Very hard, especially when they will not respond. But I don’t blame him. I’m more than 25 years older and he’s in his mid 30s… so… What I would like is to confirm is our partnership on a creative level. No more. I write poetry and mail it, he writes songs. I’ve seen my work in his, as I intended and was very happy about it. Filled me with gratitude because we had done something together. We are each other’s muse. But I’ve heard nothing from him. Feels like a very one-sided fantasy on my part in 3d most of the time. But there’s 5d and a different situation entirely. If I could just always trust it.

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