New Moon in Scorpio: Divine Feminine Evolution

Happy New Moon!

This is a major shifting point for the divine feminine who are suddenly finding that they have the ability to detach more and more from their twin flames.

Scorpio is about letting go and that is precisely what the divine feminine is doing.

Venus retrograde has been delivering plenty of lessons around self love and the feminine is witnessing that she really can let go of guilt, shame and codependent patterns for she is worthy of love. She is learning how to navigate what healthy boundaries look like. There is no need to sacrifice for love.

Isis and Osiris are still traveling together and making a trine with asteroid Karma and Uranus. This is letting go of old karmic stories. Vesta and Pluto connect and quincunx asteroid Union, purging out the past and beckoning us to remember that union is in the heart.

Now that the divine masculine energy is integrating more within the feminine, she is discovering so doesn’t feel the same need to cling to the external energy of her twin flame. Self love becomes more fulfilling as she recognizes that by believing only the masculine could love her she was not loving or believing in herself.

As Venus gets ready to station, the divine feminine will be focusing more on herself. She is longing for that spark of passion again whether through mission or a soul mate connection. Much will be cleared so she can move forward with fewer limitations and a heart opened wide.

Although the divine masculine may fear the withdrawal of the feminine, on a soul level he is happy that she is breaking free of those codependent patterns because it means he can finally begin to break out of his karmic relationship. The masculine is running out of patience with those situations but was waiting for this shift in the feminine collective. The feminines codependency on the masculine was preventing him from breaking free.

Even the Sabian symbols for the new moon and some key points are proclaiming the divine feminines healing. The moon and Sun are “A girls face breaking into a smile,” Venus is on “An airplane sails high in the bright clear sky,” and the North Node is “A daughter of the American Revolution.” All pointing to happiness and a very clear shift in perspective.

Asteroid Osiris is occupying the Sabian “A mermaid has climbed to the rocky shore of a bleak coast; she awaits the prince who will bring her immortality.” This is interesting as Osiris represents the divine masculine energy and I feel it is expressing how the feminine is at an integration point. The metaphor shows the feminine is transforming and evolving, ready to start a new stage of growth.

Here is what Lynda Hill, author of 360 Degrees of Wisdom, has to say about this Sabian, “She [the mermaid] may have to leave her home and past in order to move into a new life, a new relationship or a new beginning of some kind. She will learn to better communicate her emotions, thoughts and ideas. In being able to more fully verbalize and express herself and to “walk her talk,” she can find her place and sense of purpose: the “Immortality” that can be achieved in this new reality…the “Mermaid” may indeed be male, awaiting his “princess” to come and make his life complete. Whichever, how will the partner cope when the “mermaid” truly gains her own feet and voice?”(149)

This degree is actually an eclipse trigger point from the solar eclipse that was witnessed crossed the United States on August 21, 2017. That was an extremely powerful eclipse that began to trigger the rebirthing process of the divine masculine as well as be another major shifting point for the feminine. I’m sure many of you remember that eclipse and I talked about this Sabian then and how it represented the coming of the masculine. Yet, what the current energy is showing us is a major point of process here is the feminine enveloping her own masculine and saving herself.

It feels as if the baton can now be handed to the masculine, to evolve onto that rocky shore and integrate their own inner feminine so they may reach their own immortality. We are all responsible for our own evolution so there is no need to stop and wait for others to catch up. There is no need to “save” anyone for the power already resides within.

Ultimately, the message is clear at this new moon and new beginning, we can’t save each other so the belief that love requires sacrifices a false one. That idea belongs to the old program of codependency. Love only requires oneness to it.

Marla Kelly

November 7, 2018

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  1. Yeessss! It’s what we have all been on this path for, and I am feeling the shift the past few days and my twin’s shift too. Celebrating my birthday today on this New Moon and Diwali. Grateful for your gift of this message and all you do.

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