Twin Flame QHHT Message on Separation, Karmic Partners and Trust

This BQH session occurred September 26, 2020.  My client has been on the twin flame journey for over 20 years and saw her twin flame shortly before this session after a 12 year separation.  This is a personal session and I thank my client for being willing to share it in order to help give insight to other twin flames.  As it is her personal journey, take what resonates with you and please be respectful in your comments.       

My client is in the spirit realm, meeting with her deceased family and ancestors.  They have told her some of her mission work, which includes her four children and her twin flames impeding child with their karmic partners, who are all working on the ancestral bloodlines.

Client:  The children are a convergence of two soul families that needed to be healed.

Marla:  And will these heal this soul family wound on earth, in spirit or both places?

Client:  Both places.

Marla:  Is there any work that you still need to do for this part of your mission?

Client:  No.  [Karmic partner] and I have completed it.  There is a going forward.  I’m seeing it was two paths, two roads, as we both walk our individual roads in harmony.  There is a merge of the familiar soul healing.  Soul family, we’ve always been here has soul family with this mission.

[Karmic partner] is my brother.  He’s been a mirror for all the purging almost like a boxing match in a ring, where the two don’t give up until they have completed the match and they have purged everything out.  We were assigned, no one else could have done that work.  We were assigned.  

These children are golden, they carry the line forward.  [Twin flames] children are golden.  They carry this lineage forward.  

Marla:  What will be their role in bringing this lineage forward?

Client:  Elevated consciousness.  They will begin where we left off.  We will have carried consciousness so far and they will bring messages of light and love far greater than we could have.  We were the healers of the fracture, they are the carriers of light going forward.  They will shine very bright, carrying messages, standing in their truth.  We are the coaches, helping them heal as children and keeping them clear and present and open.  Keeping them open to the new paradigm of soul work and relationship building at soul level.  Understanding that what doesn’t serve doesn’t have to be.  They will enter adulthood already understanding those things so that their decision making is clear and then will be able to do so much greater then those before them.  

Marla:  What role will [twin flame] play in your children’s life?

Client:  He and I will be the expression of unconditional love for them to see in peace and harmony without wound.  It will take time.  These children come first, all of them.  After the children are whole and complete and guided to unconditional love by their parents, all four of their parents, we will with this understanding of unconditional love that we both have, that gift helps raise these children to understand truth and once that is complete we can harmonize and be in union with everyone.  Fully accepting and understanding and believing in what is being shown.  

(Clients higher self now takes over as she shifts into talking about herself in the third person.)  

You both understood this was the way, you both agreed to it, it is healing far more than you can see now.  And you chose to do it knowing you’d share unconditional love through out your life, in physical union or not.  The bond is so deep that you already know that whether you are in physical union or not, this bond is very, very deep.  You both knew that and you said ok, knowing that this would be a great work of separation for a greater goal than you can see now.

You will continue to speak your truth to each other as well but the work comes first and you build deep within.  You will continue to get signs and synchronicity and love.  You will spend time together, when the time comes.  It will be a little time at first and then more time and then all the time.  Trust.  Trust the process. This mission is greater than you can see now.  It’s healing ancestral lines, blood lines, soul lines.  You are anchoring unconditional love into the planes of this earth and you have brought forth children who will physically do this job going forward.  Trust your intuition.  Trust the process with [karmic], he is your brother.

Marla:  Is [karmic] going to awaken in this incarnation?

Clients Higher Self:  No.  He is your provider.  He is your support.  He has a lot of blocks.  Continue to send hope, love and light.  There will be someone else for him.  We are taking care of him.  He is a great warrior but it is not his time to awaken.  

Marla:  What kind of work are these children doing, what kind of energetic work are they doing, in the home for [my client and her karmic partner]?

Clients Higher self:  They are grounding.  They are grounding them into this space where they must stay in order to do all the purging.  All of these children had to come so they would stay where they were.  She needs grounding.  She needed to stay put until this was complete.  The marriage contract is over.  The intimacy, the relationship, is over.  We are very proud that she made it this far.  Without the children it was too flighty.  All of this healing work, this purging work, she needed to be planted.  Solidly planted.  

Marla:  When will she be able to move on?  You said the marriage is done but that there is still work to do?

Clients higher self:  She can move on has soon as she is ready.  She can move on now.  She’s ready to move on now but the structure of this unit must remain.  Emotionally, she is ready.  She has been so wise in planting seeds of moving on but in this new paradigm, what these children must see, is that a marriage between two people does not have to remain and look the same going forward.  

Emotionally, she is removed.  Physically, there is resilience, duty, peace to be nurtured, grown and shown.  Going forward, the children must understand and be shown that the society we have created here is no longer, if the soul has outgrown certain relationships, then transforming these relationships in peace and harmony is what is necessary.  Working together is necessary, for the future of unconditional love.  You are an example of what it can look like to be complete but still a family.  

You are free to move on.  You are free to move on but you must heal, the wounds of the past, the abandonment, that is not for your children [to take on].  The example of unconditional love is all involved, working together to go forward.  Planting seeds for that is your calling now, sowing unconditional love and you are given the task of patience and making sure that is done well.  

It is a gift to be a twin.  You are gifted.  You are an example to other twins of harmonizing and moving beyond separation, while separated.  There is no separation.  Living in a 3D existence, separated, is a high calling, a high example.  It’s not ideal.  It’s not, but it’s for soul growth.  You have made it so far, you have overcome the obsession, the misunderstanding, you have gotten to a place where now you build deep.  You go within.  Everything is related to each other when you are twins.  Your body, your mind, your thoughts, your experiences, everything is related to each other.  In that, go within, take all of that with you and build deep.  Harness the telepathy.  Speak all the time to each other.  

You’re a way shower.  Your path is not easy but you are to show others that while in separation, there is immense union.  Show them that.  Teach them that.  Be an example of that.  That is your mission. Understanding separation, understanding that it really is an illusion. Understanding that everything that we are is related to the other.  We are one.  Completely one and everything that we do, we do together.  

You lay lines, from here to there, from there to here.  Connect to those lines everyday!  Connect through your feet to the earth, connecting to each other.  You will feel each other in the earth.  [Note it is 1:44:00 on the counter] That is the unconditional love line you are building, You are a part of this new earth, of this paradigm, of this shift, of this time and as you see, you have two major missions, with two different humans, one is your twin and one is your brother [karmic partner] and you are all working for the same goal.  Don’t lose heart.  Believe.  Trust in your intuition, you will be rewarded but you must do this work.

Marla:  Does the work ever change to actually creating this unconditional love in a tangible way rather than just being able to live in separation?

Clients Higher Self:  Yes but not yet.  When we feel everyone is ready, all doors will open.  Keep planting the seeds.  Your visions are gifts, you have visions of being together, those are real.  You have visions of meals, being in stores, you have visions of legs being tangled up in the bed together, those are real , those are gifts, those are true and when the time comes you will have that.  You must wait, you must wait for the divine open.  There will be doors open.  Until then you make no move, you wait.  He will come to you, your intuition about that is correct.  He will come to you.  He will chose you.  Let him.  You don’t have to worry, just know you will be chosen.  You’ve always been chosen, and we will give you a grand experience, a grand spectacle, a grand celebration, you are working hard.

Marla:  Why are some twins already in union and some aren’t?  Is there a difference between what some people are doing and some aren’t?  Are some people just getting things wrong?

Clients Higher Self: There is a reason for all.  It’s necessary for some to be in union and some to be in separation but union inside.  Everyone’s job and purpose is unique.  Without examples to follow, those in separation might struggle more.  Both are equally blessed.  The blessing and gift of being a twin soul is a very high calling.  None is greater than the other.  

Those that are in separation are called to a standard of deepening, growing deep, deep into the ground, deep into the core, deep into source, not that those in union aren’t called to that standard, but those in separation, they are called to ground in, ground into source, ground into unconditional love. They are called to heal the fractures, show the way of true unconditional love for self.  

It’s a very high calling to be in separation in this 3D existence.  You are a way shower.  As humans we are drawn to express our physical desires, our intimacy, our deep longings with our twin and when we can’t do that, the outlet that you find within yourself to do that is like no other.  When you can do that well, you are then a high priestess, a way shower, an example.  When you can do it well, when you can heal the wounds, when you can heal the unconscious patterns on your own with source, with self, in your deep knowing within.  When you cross the line of no separation, many twins struggle with crossing that line, with getting to a place of knowing and being IN UNION, no matter what, that is a BIG accomplishment and it’s necessary to have others to show others how to do that.  Those that can do that are called to it.

Marla:  I’ve heard some twins that are in ‘union’ say that when you aren’t in union, that you just don’t know what it’s like to be in union and that they are the ones that are holding all the energy for other twins.

Clients Higher Self:  That’s not true.  They hold energy of union but they do not hold the energy for those in separation.  Everyone is in control and responsible for their own energy and their own energy of union.  Everyone is in control and responsible for attaining the greatest possible union for themselves with their counterpart.  We work as a collective but we are responsible for our own union.

We are all twins.  Authentic twins are authentic twins and separation is truly an illusion.  So whether you are in union or separated, you are doing the work you came to do.

Marla:  Thank you for all those messages.  Is there anything else you want her to know?

Clients Higher Self:  She is resilient.  She must be patient. She must be patient.  She must meditate.  We have been telling her that she has to be more selective on what she listens to.  We want her to listen to us.  She has everything she needs within.  You are a huge source of inspiration for her and there are a few others and that is all she needs.  There are too many thoughts, too many people, to try to resonate with or not resonate.  It’s wasting time.  Everything is within. She has been hearing us loud and clear and anytime she has a question all she needs to do is ask.  We have been very clear in our response, whether it is a post, a video, a dream or a download, she is receiving so much so she should trust the process and herself.

Marla:  Thank you.  

Later in the session….continued speaking with the higher self.

Marla:  What about her work with [her twin]?  What kind of purpose do they have together?

Clients Higher Self:  Once the modality and healing work is established comfortably, they will join to share this together.  Together they are a beacon. Together their light is very bright and then they will be able to help multitudes.  Once she is ready and fully balanced, fully competent in her abilities and stepping out, feeling that she can do this work, that she is also a part of the tribe of healers.  She is not there yet.  We want to build her up so that she stands firm.  

He is also not ready. He is very powerful.  He is a powerful healer and manifestor. He has to come into an awareness of his gifts and his purpose.  He is awakening, he’s cracking through.  It’s crumbling.  It’s like an eggshell that is cracking open and he is seeing light.  They have to keep walking on the path and when they come together they will be a beacon of powerful light and healing of unconditional love.  Just their presence, will be light for those they encounter.  It will be apparent that they are different.  

Their spirit will shine brightly together, very bright, and others will come naturally to them because of the light that they eminent.  There will be a drawing for those that need their healing and of those that need to heal in the separation that they have both come to understand so well and they will be able to then share their journey abundantly.  Those in separation should never feel their journey is any less then those in union.  Not for one minute.  There is purpose in every union and they will show that.  

Marla:  Speaking of separation, where do they go from the point they are at right now?

Clients Higher Self:  They follow the promptings that we bring.  We brought them together in July and we will bring them together again.  As she asks, we will show.  Each day of work and healing brings a new day as we move forward, the internal connection is building.  We have to continue to foster, speak to, to develop that and when it is time there will be another meeting.  

Marla:  Something she has been struggling with is the idea that he hasn’t chosen her?  Is it true that he hasn’t chosen her?

Clients Higher Self:  She is all he thinks about.  She forgets that he is also a human being with abandonment and brokenness.  He couldn’t believe that she would choose him.  He thinks about her every day.  The only way he knows how to be right now, without breaking down, is to just be where he is.  We will show him.  We are working with him but he is finding it very hard to think about going further without her.  

He wants what she wants.  He is right there.  He doesn’t know the way.  She doesn’t know the way.  They both want what each other wants.  He chooses her.  He’s always chosen her but the nature of a soul connection of this magnitude requires one to be evolved in order to stand in this polarity brilliantly and both will get there.  He chooses her, he just doesn’t know how.  

Marla:  Thank you.  We talked in the beginning about her relationship with [her karmic partner] and how the two of them are healing a fracture in their soul family and that their contract is done, etc, I just want to check in and see if there is anything you want to add about her connection to [karmic]?

Clients Higher Self:  I hope that she trusts.  She has to see that she has to trusts. It has been a very long road and we have been showing her little bits at a time, how we have been supporting this process and I want her to remember that.  Go to the goddesses, go to the synchronicities, remember them.  Remember how Juno was supporting at your meeting [with twin] in July, remember the support you have.  You have to follow one step at a time.  Once you take one step the next will be shown to you.  Her next step is ending the contract, this 3D contract.  That ends now.  He is going to be ready, he is ready, he has always supported her and he will again.  

Marla:  What about [twins] connection with his wife?  Can you share anything about the process on his side?

Clients Higher Self:  He has been awakened to the sense that their connection does’t go any deeper than it currently is.  He wants more.  He didn’t realize he needed more until it started to crack open but he knows that there is a stopping point.  That it cannot go further and that is not enough for him.  They are friends.  She also needs more but she doesn’t know it yet.  There is a depth that she will soon seek that he is unable to connect with, on that level with her.  This will be their split because there will be no ability to connect deeper and there will be no animosity, it will just be impossible.  

His soul is, it’s permanent connection is to [client], she will not be able to…it’s like a syphon from, she tries to get what she needs but it is impenetrable. She cannot syphon what she needs because the connection is running this way [between the twins] and she is trying and the well is dry.  There is no more for her and she will start to see that once this baby is born, this portal. The rose colored glasses will be removed.  That is what earth does as a portal.  It’s like an incubator, once the baby comes this incubator is removed from their connection and then she will see that she cannot syphon what she needs any longer because now she is trying to pull it from his soul, they are no longer in the birth incubator, they are now standing next to each other and she cannot pull anymore [energy from him] and she will soon see that she cannot pull anymore what she needs and that will create a dynamic that naturally splits them into two different directions.

Marla:  Thank you.

Clients Higher Self:  You’re welcome.

Marla:  Is there anything else you can share about [twins] process and what he goes through?  Is he aware of their connection?

Clients Higher Self:  He is.  He is in a bit of a paralyzed state.  He cannot see, it is that incubator again, where he knows the truth but they are in a birthing phase and he knows and he wants but he is in this incubator of birth.  Once that is over for him there will be an energetic cord cut with [karmic] and they will once again stand in this two people place, like [client] and [her karmic] and after this birth they will be standing with cords cut and his process is cracking. There is a cracking and after the birth the shell will open and we will assist him in making decisions going forward.  

In his heart of hearts he wants to make a way for him to have resources and abundance to come and get her, he wants to get her, there is a hero aspect.  He wants to make a grand gesture and he knows he needs to make a way for himself before he can do that and he also has his responsibilities to adhere to but he is working on his grand plan, with our assistance, for how he can support his grand visions and we are assisting him in all he desires to create.  

Marla:  So this incubator that you talked about, is this specifically for people that are actually having physical children?

Clients Higher Self:  Yes

Marla:  And so the purpose of having physical children with the karmic partner, is that facilitating union?

Clients Higher Self:  Everything facilitates union.  All of these steps lead to the person that each needs to be in order to remain a high enough vibration to be in the union.  The cords that we create with others, with our karmic partner, the lessons we learn together are there for us to shed everything we need to shed.  [Client] and [twin] could not have shed these things together, they would have continued to separate and hurt each other beyond the lessons they needed to learn with each individual with [karmic] and [karmic] were divine appointments to meet them and be in the place they need to be to be in union.  Without these things, without these experiences, without these children, without this incubator of sorts, they would not evolve to where they need to be to be in union.

Marla:  But here on the earth plane once you have a family, that is a very hard template to break and one that the divine masculine seems to have trouble with breaking because it becomes a 3D obligation.

Clients Higher Self:  Yes, and that is where free will does one into play. Free will is in play.  The goal as we have spoken about these children, is to obliterate this paradigm that we have created, that relationships have to be one way.  And it takes a masculine who is willing to look and do work and trust the process to come to a place of moving.  It is very hard [to create the new paradigm].  It’s very easy to stay for the children’s sake but at the same time it’s very hard to do that for those that are truly awake.  

We are asking for this example to be that of expansion, to look at these relationships in an expanded view, that is why we say until the children are adjusted and the adults are adjusted then there will be union but because of what we are laying down, the foundation of unconditional love, we all must wait and we all must be patient and in the patience and the trust that our counterparts receive from us they then can freely move in their own process, in their own time, no matter how long it takes. 

But as feminine we need to be balanced and patient.  If we push too hard they won’t be able to naturally proceed but will naturally cling to what they know.  We have to know we are balanced and ready so that they can have their space to go through their process.  And everything we know and can trust from what we are receiving, we know that we are supported and that this process will come to fruition.  

If we as feminine don’t trust this process then our counterpart cannot trust the process.  If we push or pull in anyway then we run the risk of pushing them to a place of stagnation.  If they feel pressure from us, they are more likely to stay.  It is too hard for them to find pressure at home and pressure inside.  That only creates negative outcomes so feminines are standing in their power and waiting and once we realize that there is an infinite amount of waiting and we can be standing in that, in comfort, we freely let them have their process and in that they will choose us, they will choose their feminine because she is allowing them the space to do it.  

Marla:  Thank you for all that you have shared today.

Marla Kelly is certified in QHHT (Dolores Canon method), BQH (Candace Craw-Goldman method) and Introspective Hypnosis (Antonio Sangio and Alba Weinman method) and uses a combination of these styles in her sessions.  They are a blend of past life regression, energy healing and connection to higher consciousness.

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  1. I read this discourse with great interest and derived profound inspiration from it overall. It is extremely rare to meet such caring consideration for the feelings of others in stages of conflict and uncertainty.

    Maria – you are a positive unique soul with spiritual connections that radiate pure goodness into worldly troubles. They evaporate swiftly in the logic of your insights.

  2. I read this with my my jaw on the floor…….This is my journey exactly!!!! Thank you Marla and your client…..You indeed light the way…..I feel completely calm in the knowing of what is. Much love to you beautiful souls…..

  3. Oh my Goddess, I have to book a session with you! I’m located in Steuben County and can definitely make a trip to Buffalo! As soon as the universe provides me with the funds, I will book! <3

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